Friday, December 31, 2010


hey hey!

last night, out of boredom, i drew this. i swear it took me only an hour to come out with the girl, and another hour and a half to draw the foreground and pixies. i am still working on the colouring. my brain has gone haywire at the moment (so is the Photoshop)! so here's my linework:

so... this is the last few hours of 2010. i don't know what 2011 will bring to my life, but i hope it's something full of surprise and excitement. LOL. i don't think so much. i will be very busy with FYP. hopefully my group's short film, Rapunzel, will go smoothly, be it 2D or 3D! :DDD

to everyone, my family, my old and new friends, and juniors, HAPPY NEW YEAR'S EVE! :DDD


Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Heyy heyy!

Azianah is back here again! and this time i have a great piece of news to share to you guys! last Monday, i got called back to school to do an interview on the Action Against Hunger project last minute. At first i turned down the interview but after that i decided to go for it because i was eager to see myself in the news! the article is out today! and it's in the Berita Harian! :D

quoted from me in the news, translated in English: "I don't deny that it was hard for me to spend time with others when doing this project. it takes up a lot of my time. But i am grateful that my mum gave me plenty of support and understands that this is my passion."

hehee :DDD I'm glad i turned up for the interview. I've never done a real newspaper interview before and this was really my first time. I'm excited. I heard there'll be another project next year, and this time, it will be in Bangladesh, i hope to help out again! :DDD


Saturday, December 18, 2010


hey hey again!

been so busy the last few days... and finally it's holidays! :D anyway, today i haven't got much things to update about. Life is very dry the last few days... I'm still working on my microsite. so I'll just post some of my old works.

This is my first character design assignment... the first assignment that gives me stress. i did two different characters because my teacher prefers this (above) rather than the female one i did. i was given 3 weeks to complete the two characters, and it's not only the turnaround i did, but with poses and expression. i earned an A+ for this assignment for all the stress I went through. and this gives me more hope to get all As for my Character Design assignment. xD I haven't coloured the female version of the snake, i won't be posting the sketchy version until i coloured that one :)

... and some sketches from my sketch book that i will putting in my microsite. These are designs that was picked by Mr Huey during the portfolio assessment workshop :)

little birdie who hates studying... like me xD

random sketches and poses.. :D

The tribal partners! :)

the edited version of the cowboy madness. i was asked to change the body of the cowboy and the legs of the horse to give it more action. This was pasted on my drawing class's Hall of Fame under Animation Layout. hehee xD

well that's all for today! :DD hope you enjoy your holidays! HAPPY HOLIDAYSSS!

zeelicious xoxox

p.s. that's me. drawn in Flash, and export out as a jpeg image. that explains the pixels xDD

Friday, December 10, 2010


hihi! been so busy this week! can't wait to catch movie with my classmate this Sunday! We're watching Rapunzel by Disney because we're doing "Rapunzel" for our FYP. btw, the pics below are my group mates for next year's FYP.

initially this photos are for our lifeskills project:

^^ hahaha. Mr Huey saw me pushing the hat to cover Kai Yuan's face and he laughed so hard. lols.

anyways, I'm now working on my website for my portfolio next year. Actually should say it's micro-site because it's a mini website which doesn't require you to be connected to the internet to see the portfolio. I've done my homepage, and this is how it will look like:

i took a screen shot because i'm too lazy to open the flash file. anyway, there will be a little of animation in my micro-site. the pipes will be squashing and stretching and the solution will be bubbling. The doors are actually the buttons for the webpage. I'm not sure if i will have time to link every page of the site together by this friday. tonight, i will start scanning my my school assignments for my portfolio. You'll be seeing my some of my drawing class and ADP stuffs. xD

ok la, gtg now. am so tired. can't wait for holidays. me and my classmates has start counting down: 7 more days left!!!


p.s. thanks to Kalyn for the confident booster. putting my cowboy layout gave me much more confident to finish up ALL my assignments by Friday!!! :DDD

Saturday, December 4, 2010


hi again!

yesterday, me and my group mates did our lifeskills project, and Liza brought her camera so we took some photos of us. half of the time we are laughing about how crazy we are that the project were totally forgotten one corner! hehee! it's always good to have fun when doing projects. :)

these are the friends i usually hang out alot with! Kai yuan, me>,Wendy. This was taken in COE room. That guy's from Taiwan. he's one of my good friends in class! xD Wendy's my leader for Storyboarding, and we're quite close in school. We laughed and talk alot. We treat each other like lovers. alot of people thought we're lesbians because we like to sit close and sweet talking to each other, but we're not lesbians. We're just good friends, sharing common interest and liked the same "type" of guys. :DD

another shot! xDD

This is Rosanne. She's one of my group members for Storyboarding and the Assistant Leader for Lifeskills projects. She's nice and quiet. She likes drawing girls, and she's awesome at drawing details. she likes talking to me because i'm nice *cheeky smiles*

Kai yuan and i posing for photo! :) This was taken in the Drawing Classroom. Mr Huey gave us permission to use the room after seeing us sitting uncomfortably in COE room xD

HAHAA! i liked this photo alot! Janice told Kai yuan to pose like a superhero. he's shy so i told him to take with me. hehee! We're superheroes! woots!


Wednesday, December 1, 2010



afraid that i might not be able to update my blog, i decided to tonight =D as i had promised, i will now upload my character design assignment that i had been doing for the last 3 weeks:

this is my villain character, and since most of my classmates had given a description about their character, I'd give mine too. this character, her name's Sara, and she's a rich girl. although she's rich, she leads a boring life. So, after mixing with the wrong company, she finally decides what she wanted to be, a Villain and terrorise the city! :D ok, i know it's a very lame description of my character! it's kinda last minute coming up with the character description!

anyway, i'm doing to upload another of my personal work. did it ages ago and with the help of Wendy's comics, i'm improving alot for human drawings. :) this was digitally painted in Photoshop cs5:

i usually don't have a story behind what i draw. hehee, just make up whatever stories you want for this! hahaha!

Good nights!


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

hi hi!

woots woots!

me back~ hi hi once again. it's been quite a long time since i've updated my life... and so i am back here to update on my personal work xD

my group, "Wendy & Friends" has refined our storyboard panel for the second time. we are still keeping our original story about Prince Charming saving Rapunzel, and Rapunzel being ugly BUT we added a better ending this time round. we actually voted to use Wendy's whole story idea but as her "setup" wasn't strong enough, i came up with the "setup" idea and the others begin to add in more ideas to make the whole story flow smoothly. xD so this is our 4 point-panel, that's what my lecturer calls it. drawn by my leader, Wendy, and digitally paint by the assistant, me :D

to be honest, i only liked the first panel because normally i will put in extra effort to colour things nicely when i'm sleepy. heheee. so if you want to know the full story, just drop me sms or contact me through msn. :)

I'm still currently working on my Character Design. We are actually suppose to create a superhero/villain character, do a turn-around of it, 5 poses and 3 expression. i'm currently left with one more evil villain pose. i've run out of poses to be honest. tomorrow's the deadline for this assignment. hehee. i will upload my character design once it's done =D

a few days ago, out of boredom, i paint this picture in Photoshop:

one of my friend asked me why i didn't use this for my character design. i told him i had forgotten about it since my lecturer says she wants the superhero/villain to proportional. it means normal human is at least 7 heads tall. this character is more or less around 5 heads tall and then, i was eager to create a new character so i didn't use this. :) i had copied the pose from a comic, because i wanted to learn how to draw a human body. =D

alright, i have to go now. but hopefully, if i have time (or better, if i remember) i will upload my character design :D teeheehee!

zeelicious xD

Friday, November 19, 2010



yes, it's me, the crazy Azianah is back on blogger! woots v^_^v


anyway, i have nothing much to update on my life. Stress days can stretch to as long as two weeks and stress-free days can last for only less than 3 days. hehee. I've just hand up my DMI assignment today morning and now bullying my hands and brains to finish up character design @_@

anyway this is my second DMI assignment. i can't remember if i had ever posted the first assignment about photo montage, but who cares anyway? teeeheee.

my second assignment:

yea, i purposely used the watermark from deviantart because i am damn lazy to watermark my work. hehee =D


Thursday, November 11, 2010

hey hey


so sorry that i haven't been able to update my blog for a long time! School work is getting more and more stressful and i had hardly any time for my own projects. all the deadlines are so closed to every other subjects and i'm always rushing on my work. i had hardly any time to care what grades i might get because the most important thing now is i need to understand my work :)

anyway, last week, a famous animation director in Singapore came to my school for a talk. He's Mr David Kwok and he's the founder (i think) of an animation company called "Tiny Island". His company made animation cartoons like Shelldon. Coincidentally on that day, my storyboarding teacher told us that he work on the storyboarding of Shelldon episode 9 and 10, and i was like wow. I didn't really expect singapore animation to be on TV and this kinda gives me more confident that there's a future in animation career. :3

aiya, i dont know what to write about here cos currently my brain juice all has dried up. Storyboarding and DMI classes has taken most of the juices away so right now i'm pretty much a "dry" and boring person. There isn't much to talk about school not unless you want me to write about one of my classmate who told my class that he likes me. now i'm enduring my darling's teases and she somehow is playing the middleman >.<>

oh yes, before i forget, i have a drawing to show-off here. hehee. i draw this a few donkey weeks ago when i was really free of assignments. i'm now trying to colour the drawing in photoshop but i haven't got much time since my other assignments needs to use photoshop. i can like stay glued on my laptop for HOURS just to colour my assignments. @_@ so this is it, my work, nameless:

so that's for today, until then!


Thursday, October 14, 2010

hi again!

Sorry it took me a few days for me to update my blog, I’ve been super busy this few days. It’s only the first week of the second term and I’m already rushingon about my assignments. Now we got an extra module whish is Character Design, it’s like one class per week so I’m rushing the assignment now, I’ve chosen to do snakes for my character. I’ve done research on real live snakes and sketching them. Trust me, I got loads to learn when sketching realistic things.

Storyboarding module is ok, because the teacher who took my class is my previous drawing teacher. He’s OK la, to be honest, since he had been teaching me drawing for the past six month, and since now we’re doing storyboarding, it’s less likely he’ll preach me about Newton’s law of motion and his ability to draw sexy girls (LOLS). But to be honest, Storyboarding didn’t seem to be as fun as I thought. Perhaps it’s only the third class and we are still drawing out the four panels from various movies and short film. It’s abit dry. But I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we’re doing some fun work sooner or later. I quite enjoy his classes when he taught drawing, but I have a feeling it was his first time taking a storyboarding class and that’s why it seem everything seem to be a little unprepared.

DMI, wise, or AKA Digital Media Integration, was different from what I thought it was. I thought it’ll be abit of drawing and digitally painting it in Photoshop or other new softwares, but I was wrong. It’s more in photography and editing them. We’re doing photo montage now. I’m feeling quite stress because my ideas didn’t seem to work out. I’m still working on it, and I have a trouble finding a topless guy for my work. ZZZ. My classmate refused to take off his shirt for my work, so this makes my work a little harder than it was.

since, life is not so hell for me now, i'm still working on my portfolio. i drew this cat and my teacher say it has my personality. WTH. where got? and now my friends are saying it DOES have my personality, after my teacher said it.

the black one is my original drawing, the one that my teacher say it HAS my personality. The blue one is edited version by my teacher. LOLS, it doesn't have my personality and it doesn't look like me at all! bwaahahahaa! but he has asked me to work on it again... so if i got some free time, i will have to redraw it again. pfffts.

i have another drawing to show off here... hehee. i took a long time to draw this precisely because of the fingers and the legs. and i ahd a hard time drawing the guy's face too. but still, with the help of Wendy, i manage to draw a nice piece :)

ok la, gotta go now! will update soon about my life again! until then... :)


back pain again :'(

Saturday, October 9, 2010

more photos up!

hi hi again!

last tuesday, i went out with my old schoolmates and we had some photo taken. i found 2 more photos and decided to post it in my blog xD

we took this at Bugis. i can't really remember the name of the place, all i remember is i went gaga when i saw the shops selling bags as cheap as $10. too bad i didn't buy it cos i'm saving up money to buy myself a tablet for my school use (actually more to my personal use). hehee


Friday, October 8, 2010



thought i would like to share this to my followers :)

Simon's Cat is a simple 2D animation (or rather, Traditional Animation) which i really enjoy watching ever since i accidentally landed on his Youtube channel. now, my target is to do a traditional animation short film like his, so simple, short and sweet with a touch of humour for my next year's final year film!

enjoys! xD


addicted to Timmy Time


hi hi

it's been a long time eh, since i post something in my blog? now, it's already october! hehehee!

before i update about my life as an animator (lols), i have a good news to share to everyone. a few weeks ago i had design exam, and the results just came out yesterday. for this semester, i passed! woohooots! i got both A for Design and Drawing, although we didn't really have Drawing exam! hehehee! my current GPA is 4.0. was quite shock myself when i saw the results of my exams. i thought i did rather badly for Drawing since figure drawing is my only weakness. i have a funny feeling that my layout had pulled all my marks! xD heheee!

btw, when i had my portfolio assesment, i was asked to make changes to my 2nd layout. my Drawing teacher told me i got the highest in class for this assignment. bwaahahahaa, this means i literally beat Wendy for the first time ever. i mean, well, although she drew so many sexy figures which made the teacher said, "holy sharks!" when he first saw it, but he still considered mine for "a touch of humour", "one third rule applied" and "good perspective". =3 teeheee* this is the layout:

took this from my teacher's fb profile. Mind you, he tagged me, so i'm still the original artist or author, or whatever he calls it. hehehee. this is what he wrote on the caption: "Drawing by Azianah, FA1001P, excellent composition, with a touch of humour! The personality of the horse is brought out by the way it runs. And if you are observant, you can see a footprint on the horse. The background is also very well handled, perspective is good and one third rule is applied, congratulations on the masterpiece!"


anyway, on 5th oct, i met up with my old schoolmates. we had alot of fun, i can't remember since when we had so much fun when we were in secondary school. xD I haven't had time to upload some of the photos taken at Bugis. only Desy has, and i took from her fb. :)

this was the last hang out i had for this holiday cos i'm already back to practising my drawing xD heheheeee! i'm also trying to gather some ideas for my next year's FYF (Final Year Film) which is like next year. hehehe. so far, Wendy and me had been brainstorming some original ideas for the film and Liza, although seem the quietest among us, gave some of her whacky ideas. Although we haven't settle on the idea, but we're just creating more and more stupid and funny stories so that we don't have to think a lot when next year comes. teeheeheee*

i've got to go now. xD i'm eating my fish crackers. it's so hard to type while eating. hehehe



currently addicted to Timmy Time

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

hi hi

i'm so tired these few days with my portfolio assessment workshop.

i've tried drawing anime on my free times. my friend says my anime is improving :D anyway i've just changed earrings. it's a zip earrings, and alot of my classmates says it's cool. even my drawing teacher says its a nice earrings. i told him it's unique cos no one wears zip earrings. xD

i miss annoying Desy. her laptop got virus. my msn and facebook is so quiet these few days. xD hope she repairs her laptop asap! :D


Thursday, September 16, 2010

hi hi

hi everyones~

ok, before i start blogging, let me thank these 3 people, JJ, Aisha and Rosanne for the birthday wishes xD thanks guys! appreciate it loaddddds! xD

oh yes, before i forget, today's Amirul's birthday. I can't sing birthday song for him today cos i'm going out later and i don't want orchard to rain or flood later on. heee :3 Anyway, A BIG MASSIVE BIRTHDAY HUG FOR AMIRUL~! teeheeheee!

anyway, back to my today's entry, i've got 2 photos to share today. my mum bought me a birthday cake yesterday. Chocolate flavoured as usual :3 here's my cake:

and as i'm on my holidays, i'm trying hard to build my skills in Photoshop first. Design class is over for this semester but i still want to be able to remember all the shortcut keys and try out the things i've never gotten to touch on when i wasn doing my Roach Ranger project. anyway this time, i'm doing my very own movie poster but i haven't confirmed with my final layout because this time i got plenty of characters to work on. Wendy's been a great help in this mini project of mine. She has helped me changed some perspectives of my characters and it's much better now. the photo might not be clear, but just click on the image to see the full picture!

so that's all for today! I'm going out with my classmates later today. xD have to get ready now. byeees! and big massive thanks to the people who wished me happy birthday yesterday! :DDDD

364 days left to 19 years on planet Earth. LOLS

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

yay, me turn 18!

did i hear it's someone's birthday today? LOLS!

hmmm, to tell you the truth, this is one of the best birthdays i ever had, minus my 16th and 12th birthday! no, i don't get bashed or poked, which something i truly miss when I was in secondary school, but it is truly a blessing to have come to ITE because there were nothing else i could ask for other than meeting a group of friends who could make my day xD

In actual, my malay classmates came my house over for hari raya visit, and when they arrived, they did something i could NEVER ever forget. they sang the birthday sing outside my house, and i was fumbling with the key to unlock the gate and going into a fit of giggles which i could not stop and was trying to tell them to keep the volume down as i didn't want my neighbours to hear it. but the song grew louder and louder, and in the end, i was just there laughing along with them. when i invited them in, one by one shook my hand and said, "Happy Birthday and Selamat Hari Raya." 13 of my classmates came and each time i pour them drinks, they just keep repeating, "happy birthday." my classmates were really funny people, and I'm happy that they had come over for hari raya and celebrated my birthday xD LOVE YALL LOADS~ this is seriously one of my best brithdays! :DDD

anyway, i also would like to thank all my friends and some strangers who wished me happy birthday:

-Wendy (gave me Marie the cat pink mug with glitters on it :3)
-Azirah (gave me a necklace for my birthday yesterday and wished me at 7.16 am today)
-Seri Maiziaree (tot she forgotten mine! was about to cry when she smsed)
-Kalyn (gave me a call xD)
-Angelina (the secondary school one xD)
-MyQueenstown Blogspot (dunno who this person is though, just wished me happy birthday in fb)
-Kang Jun
-Desy (sneezed at me in fb)
-Fitri (promised to not to annoy me for today)
-Eng Hock
-En Ru
-Shikin (the one that i know since pri sch)
-Cai Rong
-Chek Yuan
-Chong Weng
-Huang Jie
-Nur Afiqah
-Nur Syaheeda
-Huzail (gave me a call)
-Wong Cilik (send me message thru fb, he's from indo )
-Miss Sem (send me message thru fb, i didn't guess that she'll wished her students birthdays too! heee)
-my youngest sis (gave me my favourite Twister chocolate)

i would also like to thank my CSS juniors who sang me the birthday song when i was at AMK hub on the 14th of September buying present for a friend of mine. I'm so sorry, i thought it was Amirul who sang but it turns out to be you lot who sang. Well, did it rain after that? hahaha! xD thanks, guys!

and thanks to mum and dad who brought me into this world! I promised to be a good daughter from now onwards, i owe you lots! thanks for the cake, btw! xD

and lastly, thanks to everyone who tried making my birthday a special one! Loves! i appreciate it lots!

much many more most loves from,
celebrating 18 years on planet Earth xD

Thursday, September 9, 2010

yay yay!


I'm back from school! It's half day for malay students today cos it's the eve of Hari Raya! YAY!

anyways, today's my youngest sis's birthday! Went to annoy her this morning in Facebook

when i was in school, i worte this on her wall:

so when i reached home, i was too bored, i wrote on her wall again, but this time on my second account:

HAHAHAHA! too bored ahhh. now i am waiting for some work to be assigned. Am listening toChinese Paladin 3 ost. I miss my White Tofu (my Wallace Huo) heheee. Just now, i went to deviant art and drew this using deviantART Muro. it's a new software offered by deviant, and its my first time trying. i used the mouse to draw, so it's not that nice. i wished i could have the tablet and pen thing that we used in school (although i don't often use it) it's much easier to draw sketchy sketchy stuffs. :3 Hope to buy one when i have enough money! *winks winks*

ok la, gotta go now. Have some work to do now. heheee! Happy Hari Raya to all my malay friends! :DDD Hope i still secure my A-grade (and Top-scorer) for my Design exam this Monday! heheheee!

loves, and tc,


Wednesday, September 8, 2010



I'm full. I'm sleepy

I dun wanna think what question might come out to replace question 29 tomorrow.

Damn, i hate questions that come out from some stupid small paragraphs in ADP texbook.



Friday, September 3, 2010

me back~



anyway, how long was i away from Blogger? I can't seem to remember due to the AAH project! teeheeheee~

okies, anyway, got a good news to share:

I GOT THE HIGHEST FOR MY ADP MOCK TEST! YAHOOOOOOOOOO~~~~ another A grade for my theory paper *dances like monkey*

let's see i studied like only for 3 days before the actual test, and i still pass! Bingo! :D btw, i still got another ADP mock test on Monday and Thursday i have another ADP class test, this takes 15% of my whole exams :3 hope to pass. no need get the highest for the second time :D

anyway, i'm having fever today. feel so @_@. actually, i already am having fever since yesterday but i decided to stay on for the afternoon class because i didn't attend for my Drawing Class on Monday (due to AAH project) and my teacher STILL preached me about Newton's 3rd Law of Motion. >_<>

gonna look for my Physics textbook later on and read about Newton's Law of Motion. AND THEN i can answer my teacher on Monday if he still wanna preach me about the Law of Motion :DDDDDDD HUHUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA~~ (this is my new evil laugh)

loves and dun forget to countdown to my birthday,


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

heloooos again

Yo people

Yes, it me, the crazy Azianah, and i'm back! :3


anyways sorry for the late update. I've been busy in my last week of school and now it's the YOG holidays. i only got like 2 weeks of holidays and to be honest (i feel like venting my anger) my two weeks of holiday really kena burn! I still have not finish my AAH Project (Action Against Hunger). I can't tell you much about this project because this project is kind of like a "Top Secret" and the school doesn't brief much about it when me and the other students from A and B class volunteered. All we knew is this project is from Canada (dun ask me. how the hell i know) and this project is for the World Food Day (something like that. Can't remember :P), and this animation clip will be shown on that day in Canada about the less-fortunate people in the less-fortunate country fighting against hunger. Well, its something like that la. I volunteered because most of us were brief that it's only about colouring the models and nothing else, but i realise before colouring, we have to clean frame by frame. In animation one frame is one movement. and the scene i got is 3/4 rear view of a man with 20 frames. All of the frames are dirty, meaning it's got black spots and the line is not properly drawn (bla bla bla) and it makes me wonder how the hell the teachers inked the drawing before scanning it into the computer. Anyway i'm coming back to school tomorrow because i still have a few frames of a woman uncleaned yet... and i still have not coloured. Blahs, never mind la. I volunteered for the project and i just have to considered it as doing a good deed. no complaints *cheeky grin*

anyway, on Monday i will be excused for class! YAY! *dance like a monkey* because it's a part of the AAH project. there will be visitors coming to the school and we have to pretend we are doing the project. LOLS! i also not sure if we are suppose to pretend because before the school reopen the teachers wanna check the coloured and cleaned frames. confirm mine got plenty of problems. @_@

btw, i got Maya personal learning edition, thanks to seri :3 i'm rebuilding my skills before the second year. teeheehee~

alright, i have to go now. sorry, i can't post any nice drawnings because there had been none.i'm so busy and i still haven't studied for my exam. zzz, hope i don't fail when school reopen :3

missing my friends and juniors


Monday, August 16, 2010

poster update

hey hey readers!

finally, i've completed my FINAL ADP project, which is a poster design :3 i must say i rather colouring manually then digitally painting it. sooo, here it is:

i feel headache whenever i see the final piece, because i am not satisfied with it. my teacher has already stopped giving me her thoughts and suggestions because she feels this is my work and i should learn to use my own brains and create my own stuffs. >_> which i like been doing in class.

ok la, i have to go now. i'm updating at night, which means, time is really short. :/

bye bye bye


Saturday, July 31, 2010


i have a good news to share!

i've got another "A" for my Typo Assignment! yayness!

now I've got another thing to start to worry after getting an "A". NOW I've got to worry about maintaining an "A" grade for all my ADP Assignments! @___@


high on the sky,


Thursday, July 29, 2010

hi hi again

hello everyones again!

so sorry (again!) for not updating a long time. been busy with my one last project for ADP :) getting on fine and stuffs, but i fell ill again today. ate too much durian cake. teeheeheee.

i miss school. i want to draw portrait again! yesterday we drew portrait for Drawing Class and i had to draw a few different faces to get my eyes to learn to observe people properly, and strictly speaking, i am starting to observe plenty of things so well ^_^V

this is a portrait of my friend, Rosanne. um, it quite looks like her. my caricature is still abit lousy now but am improving! :D

awesome, eh? ^^

loves & tc,


Saturday, July 24, 2010


hi hi hi! :DDD

so sorry, i haven't been able to update my blog! hehehee! these few days my class has been concentrating on Photoshop. and i feel i'm getting a little bit better although i'm still the Photoshop-noob there. hehehe. anyway the school is selling Adobe Photoshop at $119! it's at student price and i am sooooo going to buy it! ITE students always gets the best and the cheapest things at the best quality! :DDD

anyway i had just finish one of my assignment. it's for my drawing class. we are starting on Flip-book animation and we are starting the basics. here's my bouncing ball plan:

i had to take a few tries to get the proportion of the ball and the bounce all correct, it's so hard. i never knew drawing a simple flip-book with 22 balls is so hard. but anyways, i learnt something! wee woo waaa~ i want to try bouncing bottle next. heheee!

anyway i have another new ADP assignment and i have to do another movie poster, this time must be more original. i have an idea in mind. i'm doing something like "The Incredibles" but slightly different. i'm going to draw aliens. :D hehee. i found out that my forte is drawing funny-looking aliens and monsters. hahaaas. but i haven't got the whole idea of my poster yet. i am still developing the characters, maybe the aliens would be saving the human world from evil doughnuts? hehee! lol!

and a few days ago, i had to pose for figure drawing for my drawing class. my friend drew me. hahas. anime version of Azianah:

gotta go now. update more soon! tc!

Big loves,


Wednesday, July 21, 2010


hi hi!

my ADP teacher has just given me back yesterday my group assignment's grade. All four of us got A grade! yayness. now, if you forget which assignment i'm talking about, it is this:

we've achieved an A for the report, but if teacher is marking our presentation as well, it might be an A+. Lols, i won't ask for more. Just happy for the A! :DDDDDDDDDD



Monday, July 19, 2010

lolalilulu LOLS

hi hi again

and trust me, i am HIGH today, so bear with me and my nonsense :D

alright, today is my sketchbook presentation day, and i am seriously telling you that this presentation is one of my most memorable presentation ever, because one thing, I have achieved my goal which is, my drawings/animation is for entertainment purposes, and this time, I have a feeling, though not entirely sure of that, I'm getting a better grade for my holiday assignment!!!! woo wee waaa!!! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD

and what happen during my presentation:

1. the moment i come with my sketchbook and show my holiday assignment on the projector thingy, the whole class started laughing, including Mr Huey, my drawing teacher. this was what was on the first page of my sketchbook (the holiday assignment one):

my first thought was, what, why are yall laughing? and i was like, "eh, don't laugh laaaa~" and Mr Huey stopped laughing and said, "No, we're not laughing because it's not nice, but it's REALLY FUNNY!" and I look at the projector screen there and wonder what was seriously funny about my character poses.

and this is the other 7 character poses:

my teacher likes the accusing pose, because there is line of action :) yayness me.

and another page of character pose:

and my teacher gave me alot of praises for the hand gestures, because i used boxes for the hands. he said most professionals used boxes to draw hands instead of the countour because this is to know where the side plan and front plane and blah blah blah.

I only upload one page of my hand gestures because it's not that worth to look at all. pictures are not nice, but I rather you look into my sketchbook itself. nicer there :P

and after that i showed my normal sketchbook, the ones that i normally sketch my nonsensical stuffs on and each page I turn to show them felt like days and hours, because the class were laughing at all my weird sketches.

Mr Huey says it looks like me. "it has Azianah's essence," he says. and the class agreed. I was like wth?!?!?! look like me? WHERE GOT??????????????

i draw Wendy's future boyfriend. Lols. she says she will murder this guy before she dies. :P

and this is one of my figure drawings i did last night. yes, it's nude, hey but so what? i imagine, not look at naked woman and draw. heheheee :DDD but the feet is weird because i draw this when i was half sleepy.


high on the sky,

Sunday, July 18, 2010

hi ho hu he :DDDD

Yo yo everyones!

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated. Sooo sorry because I was rushing with the final piece of Cat Tours (starring *ahem ahem* and Kalyn) movie poster. And sorry (once again!) because I didn’t manage to take a photo of it and I had already hand up that assignment! But nevertheless I have some “character design” to show you. Yep yep, “character design”, and I actually have PLENTY, see the word in bold, PLENTY of “character design” but I haven’t had the time to upload ALL of them, so I will take my own sweet time to upload one by one first. Teeheeheee~

This is the latest. It was on my friend’s colour testing sheet. My rabbit. Heheeee. It supposed to look like my drawing teacher but um, it looks kinda abit like my ex-principal? hehehe

Oh yes, my class is doing a lot of figure drawings in our drawing lessons (not the NUDE one, please! I am under-age!) My classmates have been taking turns to pose for the live drawings. So far so good la, I haven’t been chosen! *phews* I had a lot of problems drawing the head part because its suppose to be in 3D, and somehow my figure drawings always have these minor mistakes like: too-long neck (my teacher prowled to my table and laughed. “It looks like a giraffe,” he commented, before re-drawing it for me), and too-long forehead (my teacher come to my table again and will draw a sample one on my paper), the feet must have proper grounding, (my teacher drew a stick figure with stick feet that looked as if it’s been plastered to the ground, which, to me, amazingly looks like there’s a weight on the stick figure) and having wrong extension and compression on the body, and wrong twist (“even if there is a 0.000000001 compression between the torso and pelvis, you still have to draw it out.”) It’s so hard to draw human, I finally appreciate all those artists who draw nude people and how hard it was to draw a proper figure with all the correct extension and compression, and not to have too-long neck. So hard! T_T I have a feeling that I’ll get at most a C for this figure drawing syllabus, and I feel that it’s thanks to me that my teacher set everyone an assignment of 12 figure head with different positions and different gender. I’ve done 5 male heads (with moustaches, for humour) and 2 female heads (botak, no hair) so I’m down with one more male head (a moustache and a booboo on the head, if can) and 4 more female head (botak, no hair also). So headache do heads… haish…~

One of the figure head drawn out of boredom on my friend’s colour testing sheet. Ok, I bluff, my friend drew this and I draw the facial features:

By the way, on Friday after I have handed in my assignment, my CA told me that the school was doing something like a 30 seconds animation for this donation organisation, and as the teachers were to busy (lol, I think so) they are offering students to help them to colour (the characters, backgrounds and blah blah blah) but this time they’re using Toon Boom to do the animation and stuffs so my teacher offered me and my friends to go and I sign up for it straight away! I haven’t had a chance to touch any softwares ever since school started (don’t mention Adobe Photoshop, please, I might just hang myself) but the short course is only for one day and we will be assigned to do the work. O me god, I just can’t wait for the short course! I am so excited to touch this Toon Boom software!

Anyway on Saturday, I was talking to Desy on MSN. Chey, someone in love dilemma sey! Whoops, can’t stop myself. Hehehee. And oh yea, there’s one part she asked me my opinion about further studying. She said she was making her mind up to choose the best schools. And I was telling her that at least before going to the best schools, go somewhere to learn the basics, at least you don’t look like a gong gong when you enter the best schools. Because this was what I am doing: going for basics in ITE, then off to poly to add more than just basics into my brains, and maybe University first (to make sure I got the hang of figure drawings, nude by the time) before I go Canada to study in Sheridan College. And after one of my lectures, Desy asked me this:

Desy: "What's the long form of ITE?"

Me: "Institute of Technical Education. Can also be called “It’s The End”. Why, are you checking up ite?"

Desy: "No. For my knowledge sake"

And for Kalyn’s request, here’s one of my old sketch:

I know got loads more but I have to dig out from my drawing “portfolio” that I brought for my ITE interview. And this picture effect not I make one ah. It’s already like that and I lazy to retake. I using j20i and I hell DON’T KNOW HOW to switch off the auto flash! But if you want a better view of the sketch, please go to this link:

Almost all my sketches are there. Feel free to take a tour of my works :D

Long update today! Take your time to read! =.= I miss my twin, but I don’t miss her teasings! Hehee!

Loves, and tc,