Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Me update again!

Ola there!

I have just finished school... and just had my lunch, too. Today's red roast chicken rice at Cavana is awesome. ^_^ Haven't had anything from Cavana for a long time... hehee

Anyway, today is one of classmate's birthday. Her name's Joann and Happy Birthday to her! May all her wishes come true! The boys in my class did funny dance for her and sang her the birthday song. it was really funny. i told my mum about it and she said something like "Boys will always remain as boys." Hahaa~

So i had ADP class today. Just one subject. Weee~ And i had my first assignment. I had to do this line work to show emotions like anger vs joy. I did confused vs organised. Liza said it's nice but it looked more like chicken scratches *giggles*. I'll scan and upload one if I'm done with the assignment. I need a few sketches for that assignment.

Took the Circle line this morning. Man, there's so much people alighting and boarding the Bishan Circle Line. But it's much faster and convenient. Usually i had to take MRT from Sembawang to City Hall, then transfer to the EW side and to Paya Lebar. Now it's so much easier. I'll just take MRT from Sembawang to Bishan and transfer to Circle Line and reached Macpherson within 15 minutes or so. Cool right? I can wake up a little late now! yayness!

Alright, i have another update for Booksie. I'm starting another romance novel "Destroying Love" I don't know when I'm planning to launch it but not so soon perhaps. My assignments are now piling up slowly, and i really really need to balance my schoolwork and Booksie. I don't know when I'll finish with "Ethan's Revenge" because the progress is rather slow. But I'm doing OK. It's still ten chapters, as planned! and here's the cover of "Destroying Love":

Weather's fine though there was a thunderstorm in the dawn. And i heard Syaheeran broke his nose. hope he's OK, alive and breathing properly. *winks* Hope Snail's alright too, heard he's sick. :) Take care guys! Love yall always!


Saturday, April 17, 2010

heyy i am bacccccck~!

yes, it's me guys, and I'm BACK!!!!

it's been a busy week for me. school has started for me and yeah, you know, there are fun parts of it. I've just started lesson yesterday. And i really enjoy my drawing class. it's like hundred... no, it's MILLION TIMES better than Mr Jimmy's art class. For now, we're only learning something call fast drawing... we're doing more on sketching cubes and cylinders, those kind of stuffs. ADP... I'd probably have to wait till the storyboarding and photoshop-ing part to enjoy because we're doing basics for now. I missed the CCA roadshow because i wasn't well on Thursday, but i just hope i don't missed anything out!

And i think I'm getting better and better now. I haven't been thinking about Strawhead now I'm sooo busy with school work! YAY!

And i saw my ex-classmate in my new school. He's doing HN Games and Design. He looks like a lonely soul on the first two days... hope he made some new friends! :D

And today's my primary school's open house! i can't wait to be there! :DDDDD

Hope to see Snail and my other juniors there :D weee~

Weather's hot and cold. take good care of yourselves!



And my class were ask to draw a dragon. it's hard but i think i've done quite well on it. Though there's not much details.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


I'm starting school tomorrow.

zeesh, I'm so nervous. kept thinking funny little things. my heart just goes so fast that i feel it's coming out of my chest anytime now!

anyway, good luck to others who's starting school soon too! :D

except for woman* may you suffer in your "heavenly life"

shouldn't be cursing anyone... but sorry can't help it! *giggles*

hope my juniors' storyboard goes well and P accepts it :D but if he doesn't, all of you can ask me for help. I'll always help yall! :D hehee~



Tuesday, April 6, 2010

second novel published!

Yay! finally!

I've just published the first chapter of "Ethan's Revenge". Hope i received some good comments on my work! :D I'm so nervous. Actually i wanted to publish my work yesterday but Booksie went on maintenance so there was no way for me to update my work. But anyway, I've already published, so no more whining! :P

And I'm so bloody nervous cos next week, I'll be starting school. I've also published the full chapters of "Ethan's Revenge" for Seri. See if she wants to read =D

Anyway, i have nothing more to say, so I'm going to sign out.

Loves, for my friends and juniors :D


Thursday, April 1, 2010