Sunday, March 20, 2011



tmr i'm going Hong Kong! seriously damn excited (although not so much excited about the flash website assignment for thr trip) hehe, but still excited overall. So, i will be away for 12 days! That like more than a week from home. i think i will be home sick when i'm there but i guess i'll be able to cope with it since I'm going with my Wendy darling. xD hehe.

anyway, i found one of my old drawings. drew it for my o level art exam. not a great sketch and shade because we weren't given proper teaching methods (we just keep changing teachers for 3 years). anyway i didn't keep the original sketch because it was send for marking, and i didn't take it back from my teacher after my graduation, so yeah, this is just the scanned version. I can't remember what fish it was, but i remember i spent a good whole day shading the fish.

so ok, that's all for today. gotta start re-packing my luggage. xD i'll try to update my blog regularly when i'm in Hong Kong, alrightes!

azianah maskus :)

p.s. i'm seriously gonna miss my smelly pillow D:

Saturday, March 19, 2011


hey yea!

just woke up from my sleep. decided to update on my blog. yea, I know, I stink, but I'll take a bath later xD

i did a cat study pose last night on my sketchbook. I don't own cats but i really love them. I always had problems drawing cat's body because of the curves around the tummy area so that's the reason why i did study poses.

poses study mostly referred from Marie the cat. yep, I'm totally obsessed with Marie the cat. :D anyway what's your favourite cat cartoon?

azianah maskus

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


ok, i'm bored. and lazy to pack. There's just so many things to pack! =3=

anyway, spend my morning drawing in flash. initially i drew a cat with abs, thought it might look cool, you know, trying to make it look like Bruce Lee or something. But decided to add clothes. my sis suggested adding a mouse and i came up with this picture. A cat and a mouse trying to make peace. :) tsk, why can't the world be just like that? xD

azianah maskus

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


huhu! i was bored earlier on and decided to trace out one of my group member's drawing. i just added the worm, the foreground and the land.

took me about 2 hours to colour in photoshop. line work done in Flash. In the end i decided to make it into my blog banner since most of my updates here is my fyp. hehehe.

If the sheep was Wendy, the butterfly was Rosanne, the bear was Liza, the worm is Kai Yuan, WHO IS THE CAT?! =P

azianah maskus

Sunday, March 13, 2011

ITE lifeskills project: Digital Animation Roadshow cum Drawing Competition


Finally managed to find some time to update my "quiet" blog! anyway, I've posted some updates on my group's FYP project. simply go to the "MeowPunzel" tab on the top of the page and view all the updates. :)

hehe. so anyway back to the real thing...

Last January, my group, Wendy and Friends did a project for our Lifeskill module. We initially created a book "Animation for Beginners" for the project but we were told to do more than just a book. So we took up the offer to do a roadshow in school where we held a drawing competition, showcase some of our works and taught those who are interested some basics drawing skills, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Flash cs5. We are proud to say that the roadshow was a success. Many came down and give their support for the drawing competition, be it those from the ANI January Intake'11 and those from other courses, and the primary school kids. :) thank you so much for the support! :D

and sorry the photos came out 2 months after the Roadshow,i just keep forgetting to post them, but here they are:

and yeah, I'll be leaving for Hong Kong in a week's time! I've only packed in 10% of my stuffs in my luggage. gotta bring some instant noodles there too. They say Hong Kong people don't eat spicy stuffs. I'm going to miss my mum's spicy foods! hehehe! and I can't wait to meet the kids from Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI), especially those majoring in animation and comics! :D and not to forget shopping!

big loves,
Azianah Maskus

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Monday, March 7, 2011


Exams is finally over! and I'm officially a second year student! and yes, i was told that i had passed my DMI exam! xD now i'm only waiting for the GPA results to be out. hehehe.

anyway, last night after revising a few chapters, i drew another layout in my sketchbook. My friend, Wendy suggested a few changes to the unicorn so this is it:

i know there's something wrong with the perspective. hehehe. will tweak on that a little bit later on. xD

i'm going for my flu vaccination later on. I'm so scared. T_T

azianah maskus

Sunday, March 6, 2011


I must be crazy. Tomorrow's my final exam and yet i spend my whole afternoon drawing this in my sketchbook:

might be colouring this one after exam. xD and i mean it, AFTER EXAM! hehehe


p.s. good luck to my classmates for tmr's exam!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Witch's Daughter

ola there, good afternoon!

Finally it's weekends! And finally today, i'm able to draw something in my sketchbook. it's quite a while since i drew something really nice. i call it "The Witch's Daughter". LOL.

I dunno where i got the inspiration to draw this. I ate very little for breakfast this morning. Mum fried nuggets and I made myself a cup of instant mocha and I was staring at this empty biscuit tin on the table and suddenly felt like drawing one of the princesses on the tin. so in the end, i came up with this. I'm not so sure what to draw for the background so I came up with moon and clouds. initially I drew a castle, but the princess's hand blocked the view of the castle, so in the end I gave up the castle and drew a big moon there so that the background won't look empty. I've also added some animals on the scene because i didn't want the scene to look cold and empty. I wanted the scene to look friendly, you know, like those in fairy tales. Since the focal point is on the princess and the butterfly (which is the witch's daughter), I made the animals look at her. hehehe.

so, anyway, I'm not sure if I'll let this remain as linework, because I am really kinda lazy to colour anything. Maybe I'll do it someday because right now I'm concentrating on drawing on my sketchbook because I was told by my lecturer that we need to have at least 3 sketchbooks by the time we graduate, and by the way, I'll be graduating next year, so that explains why I'm concentrating more on my sketchbook. hehehe.

And I'm leaving for Hong Kong in 15 days time. Time goes by very fast eh? And I still dread going for the vaccination this coming Tuesday. T_T i am so terrified with needles!

azianah maskus

Friday, March 4, 2011

exams week

Next Monday will mark as my final day as a first year student. I'll be having my design exam on that day and after that we'll be having a class party! my form teacher will be ordering 6 different flavours of pizza for the class party! i can't wait for it! :)

anyway, it's holiday today. we've been given two days of holiday, yesterday and today, before exam because the teachers need do some checking on the class pc before our exam. so to tell you the truth, there haven't been much things to do at home since I've handed in all my assignments. I'm only left to study for my design exam. Anyway, i'm bored of studying for exam. I've been doing some random sketches in my sketch book, not so much, just a few sketches. I've also been doing some random animation layouts. I'm still less than halfway through it. I've put on the base colour but not the shadows and the highlight.

I'll also be updating the "MeowPunzel" page soon. I've already asked for my group members for the character designs. My team leader insisted on colouring all the character turnaround before i can post it here, so i hope it will be done soon. :) so anyway, i wanted to share this animation with everyone. it's kinda cute and epic. i think i should come up with something like this during my holiday. hehehe

I also liked their Tarboy animation. it's very epic and also the storytelling part was really awesome. I also liked how they used silhouettes of the character in some scenes. It's just really good. i hope we can produce something nice like this for the upcoming fyp. :D

so that's all for today! xD

azianah maskus

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

noooo! not needles! T_T

hi hi!

like finally, i'm done with my walk cycle! it took me about two whole weeks to complete it. I did it in flash cs5, and animate in twos frame by frame.

it was tough animating it in frame by frame, but i think i got the hang of it. i think i still kinda like being an animator. i do like drawing, but i can't draw extremely well. i still like doing animation. it's like it has connections with me. i can imagine things better when animating something rather than drawing something out. :)

anyway, i'll be having exams on the 7th march, pray that i'll pass, because i've just told my drawing teacher i'll get 100% for the exam. hehehe. and i have to go for flu vaccination on the 8th march. my schedule for march is abit packed because i'm going Hong Kong this 21st! :DD i can't wait. Hope mum can get me a new sweater i saw at Yishun! :) kekeke

going to get some rest, and maybe draw something in my sketchbook. xD i haven't drew anything in my sketchbook for a very long time! hehehe

good nights!

azianah maskus

p.s. i've updated my "animation' page! do check it out!