Friday, September 3, 2010

me back~



anyway, how long was i away from Blogger? I can't seem to remember due to the AAH project! teeheeheee~

okies, anyway, got a good news to share:

I GOT THE HIGHEST FOR MY ADP MOCK TEST! YAHOOOOOOOOOO~~~~ another A grade for my theory paper *dances like monkey*

let's see i studied like only for 3 days before the actual test, and i still pass! Bingo! :D btw, i still got another ADP mock test on Monday and Thursday i have another ADP class test, this takes 15% of my whole exams :3 hope to pass. no need get the highest for the second time :D

anyway, i'm having fever today. feel so @_@. actually, i already am having fever since yesterday but i decided to stay on for the afternoon class because i didn't attend for my Drawing Class on Monday (due to AAH project) and my teacher STILL preached me about Newton's 3rd Law of Motion. >_<>

gonna look for my Physics textbook later on and read about Newton's Law of Motion. AND THEN i can answer my teacher on Monday if he still wanna preach me about the Law of Motion :DDDDDDD HUHUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA~~ (this is my new evil laugh)

loves and dun forget to countdown to my birthday,


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