Friday, January 21, 2011


hey hey

i finally got my wacom tablet! woots!

stay tune to more beautiful pieces of digital artwork soon! xD

azianah... haha? hahaha!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Heyyy hey!

I just realise this. I've been updating my blog regularly! hehee! Well, maybe it's because it's the start of the new semester, and i am not as busy as i was usually. A lot of things been going on lately. I fell sick twice this week. Been having flu and slight fever. The weather here is not good. Everyone in my class is passing flu virus to one another. My class advisor says she has to take good care of herself because she has to take over our storyboarding classes because the teacher has gone for his reservist. lols. ok, right now, i missed both DMI theory class and practical because of fever. There's not much work for storyboarding though. The teacher only left us to 2 pendulum animation before he went. Since i'm recuperating at home (and i'm bored to tears), i decided to do one of the pendulum animation, and some character design for my fyp.

Pendulum animation_heavy_new version

This is my clock pendulum animation. It's suppose to be a heavy pendulum but because the teacher says we could only have 24 drawings and animate them in twos, so it doesn't look like a very heavy pendulum. anyway, my pendulum is cute eh? it's a spider! xD

hehehe. gotta go now! byes!


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Despicable Me - Mini-Movie 'Banana' Preview

hey hey! xD

There's nothing much to update today. I'm slacking so i don't have any drawing to publish today. I'm on Tom and Jerry hunting in Youtube. I miss watching those funny cartoons. The new Tom and Jerry is not as hilarious as the one made in 1940s. This is also a good time for me to learn. There is not much of speech in Tom and Jerry so the character's acting and gestures are more emphasised. Since my group's fyp will be doing a 2 minute animation of Rapunzel, and as same as Tom and Jerry, there is very little speech used in the film.

so anyway, a friend of mine in facebook posted Despicable Me mini movie. it's seriously cute. Minions fighting over a banana. lols. i thought it will be nice to share with yall. watch it. You'll love the minions after that! ;D

azianah xoxo

Thursday, January 13, 2011

HI!!! :DD

hey hey! Today i have a few good news to share in my blog.. but before that let me wish someone his birthday. hehehe. Today is Seri's boyfriend's birthday... so firstly, i would like to wish him a very happy birthday (HAHAHA, happy getting old! You're OLD now!) :D hope you and Seri will last long this time! :D Seri's sister always gives her blessings!

oh right, i almost forgot to tell you the good news! hehehe! so here it is, before i forget again! I achieved another A (hehehe, must bold abit) for storyboarding assignment! woots! This time, i must thank Wendy and Friends group members! Thank you all so much for cooperating in this project. Thank you for contributing and being present in school all the time, and not to mention turning up for our after-school meetings which is sometimes ridiculously at last minute. This is only the beginning. We still have to do the animatics for our storyboard, "Rapunzel". I hope we can still maintain the standard we all have been sticking to. On the behalf of the leader of Wendy and Friends, i would like to thank, Liza, Kai Yuan, Rosanne, and the leader itself, Wendy for all the hard work in this storyboarding project. :)

and another good news is, i would be getting my hands on the wacom tablet soon! and it's REAL soon! i got it at a cheaper price because my teacher happen to get to know a distributor of the tablet. It's still quite expensive, but for a long term use, i'm ready to buy it :) hehehe! i can't wait to get it! xD

Oh right, today, i don't have any drawings to post up here, but get ready to see my first pendulum animation soon! My class will be doing an animation on a pendulum. :D Most of my classmates has decided on our clockface, tomorrow we'll be doing the animation! xD

gotta go now, got to ink my clockface then upload it to flash :D bubbyes!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011


woots, i'm back!

alright guys, finally my portfolio is up in DeviantArt! My portfolio will be here temporary until i find a free web host. :)

would love some comments on it!


boredom, illness, and mental confusion

yep, mental confusion, that's the word. Lately, i've been a bit sickly. I guess i am just abit too tired because i've been coming back to schoo during my last few days of holidays. And i think the weather contributed abit to my health because the weather here is too cold and it has been raining for weeks already. I'm looking forward to abit of sunshine soon. xD

I'm not in school today. Thankfully i have finished up my microsite so i don't have to think so much about it while trying to recover from my... umm... headache and blocked nose. Anyway, i tried doing gif. animation in flash during New Year (see below animation). It sort of worked. but i don't think you want to keep watching the guy's hair blown off repeatedly over and over again because it's irritating. I did it only because i thought it would be funny because i spotted a few celebrities in wigs on tv. xD

anyway, i am still looking for free web hosting pages for my portfolio. There's one at carbonmade, but i want something i can control with my flash site rather than recreating it again.

I miss drawing. but i don't want to pressure myself further because of my lack ideas or my headache will get worse. I think i better visit a doctor tonight. :)


p.s. i have a very evil idea to sneak into my secondary school with my old uniform. i wonder if i still can fit in it? hmmm. xD kidding!

Saturday, January 8, 2011


hi hi! Happy first weekends of the new year! :D

and did you like my new blogskin? Of course not i create one, but i'm trying to make some changes to this current skin. not that i don't like it, i just wanna study the html codes and see if i'm successful at making changes in this blogskin. so far, i've only managed to add more borders. xD so stay tuned to more changes in this blogskin! (well, if i have the time after school reopen!)

alright, today i don't have much to update. i don't draw for 2 days already. I'm slacking. hehee. i've also finished my portfolio microsite. it's a not-so-a-success but still i quite like my site because it's been a while since i get to expose my creativity in 2D animation. I'm not superb in 2D animation but i think i still got the hang of it. i will try upload some of the simple animation in my microsite homepage here once :)

anyways, i was browsing my facebook profile pictures and i found this:

my O level sketches. bwahahaa. it was like 2 years ago and if i could have the original copy, i would have re-shade it. xD

i can't wait to be a senior this monday! There will be new batches of Year 1 animation students! woots! They'll suffer in the 8 o'clock classes! Mwhahaha! am i evil? whoops. =x


Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011? it's 2011 already?!

hey hey! Happy 2011 everyone!

here's something i managed to paint out the whole of last night since i didn't go to the countdown:

it's not so nice but i believe there's still room for improvement! :D this is for all my old classmates. life is a tough journey, but you're not alone. Friends and family will always be there to guide you during this journey. they are the ones that will believe in you, so it's up to you to believe in yourself! :)

ok la, i'm going out later with my family. we're going to do some grocery shopping then after that my dad's going to treat the family KFC for dinner! i can't wait! hopefully 2011 will be as fun as 2010!