Saturday, May 28, 2011

final render for car!

hi guys!

i finally managed to render out my car last night. i render out 2 views, the full view and the close up view. before i start blabbering about the car, i will show you the rendered images first:

The full view:

The close-up view:

i spend 2 days to add shaders to the cars. I used Blinn material to get the car body texture. the hardest shader to get was the chrome. i spend hours re-redering just the chrome because my teacher says it was not shiny enough. He didn't tell me how to make it shiny, so i have to figure it out myself. :) but in the end, he told me to adjust the colour value to a low value (around 0.2) and play around with the ramp node.

anyway, i render this out using mental ray Final Gather. The image would look better in Targa, but since blogger don't support Targa, so i used Jpeg.

i still left one more shading/render assignment to go. Remember the still life assignment i did? if you can't, then take a look at my previous blog post: I'm still adding proper texture to it. :D gonna spend my weekends texturing things! hehe


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Secret of Kells (2009)


i just saw my blog's stats. I've got plenty of viewers every single day so now I'm trying to update my blog regularly just to keep it alive. i may be abit too busy to update it sometime, but i will try to update it every single day. thanks a million to all the visitors to my blog! you rawks! :D

anyway, a classmate of mine shared this to me on facebook a few days ago. i really like the atwork, the story plot is also nice too! it's really worth to get the dvd! I'm trying to get it so i can watch it with my mum. hehe. so be sure to watch this and give your support! :D

big lazy loves,
azianah maskus

Saturday, May 21, 2011

sketch updates!

hi everyone!

i'm so sorry! I've been very busy with school assignments and project, and i realised that i haven't been writing any proper updates! i'm really sorry, but i'll try to do a proper update of my life soon. it's been hectic in school. there's just so much to do and so much to learn so i can't miss my classes.

anyway, no matter how busy i was, i had to draw something on my sketchbook. so here they are:
a simple boy character. my friends says it look abit like my drawing lecturer, i think it looks abit like Strawhead. xD

my FYP character Rapunzel loves to dance, so did a pose study with my own character during my free time in 3d class.

i haven't been drawing layouts for quite some time. i will tey to challenge myself to draw another layout in between my little free time in school. so stay tuned to more of my works! :D



Thursday, May 19, 2011


hello everyone!

i'm just back from school. tired but had lots of fun playing around with the spotlights in maya. we also had fun doing test render for the pool balls. oh yes, the teacher also taught s how to add ramp into the material and had it connected to the sampler info. he was going really slow in class in the morning but his teaching speed suddenly accelerated, so i had plenty of time of repeating the methods to some of my classmates.

anyway, here's some picture of it:


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kung Fu Panda 2 Movie Trailer Official (HD)

anyway, just thought of sharing this, another new movie by Dreamworks: *drums rolling!* Kungfu Panda 2!

i can't wait for this movie to come out! should really tell my group mates about this! hahaha! :D


awesome class

hihi! yesterday in school we learn some new stuffs for 3D class. today's lesson is about rendering with Mentalray. It was really really fun. i never really do much rendering when i was in secondary school, and learning how to render with Mentalray is fun! We used spotlights for the three point lighting. And we added ramp to the Blinn material for the ball.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Juggles - A Mirroring Aniboom Animation by Shaun Budhram


I'm bored. I've just rejected a date. hehe. I really am into my studies for now, so i can't afford to get sidetrack with BGR.

so anyway, just wanted to share this. I was amazed at the way the story was told. It was amazing as I realised I never get confuse to which is the real boy and his reflection. and i love the 3D in this animation. There wasn't alot of props used, and everything is just simple. Simple story and simple animation = amazing. :D

enjoy the short animation

and toodles!


Saturday, May 14, 2011



and yes, I'm back!

I'm so sorry for not updating my blog the last few days. I was so busy with 3D classes and my Lifeskills project. i really wanted to update my blog last night, but blogger was down for maintenance so i couldn't update it.

so anyway, i have finally finished my car model. i spent the whole of this week tweaking and adding more details to the car. honestly, I'm pretty sick looking at the same old car for every lesson so i stop adding details on Thursday evening. For Friday's class, I just had to rename and group my objects and seeing that i really had nothing to do for the lesson(except helping others to tweak on their car models), my teacher gave me the green light and so I was the first to hand up my work. so here's the screenshot of my model:

Porsche 1965's car model.

i will be adding proper colour materials to my car and my still life models from the previous assignment next week. I can't wait to learn texturing next week! :D

anyway, my group Wendy and Friends will drop by SunBeam's Place for a visit on Monday. Do say hi if you see us! :)


Saturday, May 7, 2011

recent sketches

hello! I'm back!

and i promise a not-so-short update of my life today!

As you know, I've been busy with my 3D classes the last few days, and i haven't been able to write alot of things. I'm also desperately trying to clear up my third sketchbook by this June, hopefully, so that I'll have enough time to concentrate on my fourth sketchbook and some drawings for my 20 pieces of A3 paper for portfolio. yeah, I'm graduating this year and there's a lot of things to clear up. i was thinking of redoing my Flash portfolio but i haven't had any idea on what should i start on. my brain juice is running low for this week. And as for my group's FYP film, we are still trying to gather ideas for the ending. truth to be told, i can't think of much ideas. hehehe

but anyway, i have some new sketches done during in-between my free time in class and at home. i don't draw much now to 3D modelling up to my neck but i still try to fit the time to draw because we need to graduate with 4 sketchbooks next April. so, here they are. I've picked some nice ones to publish here.

These are some re-design of not-approved character designs from my assignments.

These horses here are my babies. They have my crazy personality :D

my squid character design. it's the latest design i had in my sketchbook. i did this because i was feeling stress and lousy.

oh yes, it's the polling day today. can't wait to see the results. will we have a new government today?? ;D
whatever it its, i hope everyone will choose wisely because in a few years time, I'll be pretty much involve in the outside world :)

that reminds me. i should ask my mum who she's voting today. :PP



Friday, May 6, 2011



finally done with the whole car!

i just need to tweak on the back part of the car, and after that i'll be done with it! :D


Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I'm quite shock that we're already in the month of May. it feels like time is passing by very fast.

so i haven't been updating alot on my group's FYP short film. but don't worry! i won't forgot about it today. :D so here's the update:

so, my group, Wendy and Friends stayed back in school for a couple of hours today to work on our final year project storyboard. we cut down plenty of thumbnails in the storyboard, to make the story as straight-forward as possible. And we even took our Sexy Cat from the story as it didn't play a very big role in the story. We've also removed the bra idea for the almost ending part, but YET, we are still stuck with the same problem: we couldn't decide on the final ending for the story. so yeah, that was basically the update for Rapunzel short film. We'll be having another meeting next monday to decide on the ending again. hopefully, by that time, we have decided on the idea. :)

anyway, don't forget to see the updates in the "Meowpunzel" tab. Character design of the Prince Cat is out. :D

character turnaround by Liza (

btw, i'm redoing my car model again. It says script error when i opened the file last monday. I wanted to %)^*#@. so freaking pissed with it.