Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Congrats to myself


Finally i've finished all forty chapters of my FIRST novel "Complications of Complete"! I'm so exicted to write my next thriller-romance novel "Ethan's Revenge"! Hope i can post it soon! Very soon! Once i have start school and managed to handle everything, i'll post my first chapter! :DDDDDDD


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Three more chapters left!

Alright guys, i have three more chapters left to post for "Complications of Complete". and I'm getting so excited. These few days I've been feeling hyper for some reasons. :o

Going to start on "Ethan's Revenge" first, because this one is going smoothly. I SERIOUSLY need to sort out a few complications in "Rosemary's Revenge". zzzz

big loves to everyone =D


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Getting sidetracked

i am supposed to be coming up for new chapters for my novel, Complication of Complete, but i haven't been concentrating much on the novel because right now i am head over heels on the Hindi film Ghajini. =P The first time i watch it was last year but i watch half of the story to the ending. but a few days ago, i managed to catch it on the Malaysian channel TV2, and i was awed with the film! Half of time, i was laughing and the other half i was crying! The storyline was so good that i actually tried going to the library to look for an English short story, Memento Mori. The story is almost the same! but alas, i couldn't find it! Anyway, since April 12 is coming, I'll look for the book on April. Mind you, my school a lot further than you can imagine! :D

Alright, i promise to update my novel asap! I'll try to concentrate on upcoming chapters and ending, then I'll do a quick start on the next novel, "Rosemary's Revenge". I had actually come up with the male version, "Ethan's Revenge", but i think i might change to title to "Fate Reverse" though it sounds a bit different for the male version! :D

Well, i have to go now. :) hope to write again soon. :)

Loves everyone!


Monday, March 15, 2010

hellooooo AGAIN

So right. once in a blue moon that i can update my blog at night. My dad has gone to work tonight. He said he'd be in Suntec City tonight to finish some work. hope he'd be back early :D

Anyway I've done some minor changes to my profile. I've changed my newest photo: me in my new hairstyle. I've also change my "about me" section. Well, no point reading it. it's just abit background about me. but if you're not busy, feel free to read it. hahaa, what I'm talking about? don't you think you should be reading my NEWEST short story in Booksie? "Life Loving and After Leaving." It's a story about the life of being in love and the life after break-ups. Comments and criticism are all welcome! :D Here's the link to my profile: http://www.booksie.com/ah_zee

Anyway, my mum's watching Art and El in Suria. I'm going back to listen to Ghajini's ost. I'm so addicted with the movie! *eyes shining with tears* Aamir Khan is sooo HOT!

Hope Azirah comes home soon (it's tmr =.=) it's damn quiet without her.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

just some stupid random stuffs


although it hurts inside pretending not to know

zee <3

Monday, March 8, 2010


Hey yo!

Sorry for not writing. My registration is a week ago. I wanna write about it but i kept forgetting. i mean, i did open blogger but i forget what i want to write so i close it. But today i remembered so I'm going to write about it. Amazing right? =P

Anyway, the registration was a quick one. I mean when i reached there, Seri told me to go to this foyer (I think so) for the registration. And then there were a few students and teachers to check the biodata and the psea form. Then i was told to go to the third floor to take my photo for my ez-link card and buy my uniform. And can you believe it that the lift is not working?

Anyways, i bought the uniform. To be precise it's not even called uniform. i bought the maroon polo shirt. The students told me that we can choose to wear one out of three types. One of them is the uniform. It's white (*groans*) and has very thin blue strips on it. Well, to me it looked abit like the old KFC staff uniform. And they had the white and maroon polo shirt. You can choose anything to wear. So i bought the maroon. Man, the size M is so small. i mean it fitted me nicely. Lol. and the PE shirt, i bought the XS because XS is already big enough to fit me. The S is soooo big! @_@

I'll be starting my course on 12 April :DDD


Monday, March 1, 2010


Hello everyone. sorry for not writing for a long time. it's not a question whether i was busy or not. I just don't have any clue what to write in here. nothing special happen actually. i went for bbq with my relatives around two weeks ago and then a few days later, seri and huz asked me out and we had breakfast together in Bugis. i didn't follow them to Sentosa. mind you, it's public holiday and i don't fancy walking in crowded places right after spending a night at ECP beach.

anyway, i heard a very strange news. not gonna mention who and who. But someone mentioned to me she ditched someone for another guy. Well, i don't know if it's really the truth. Half of me wanted to believe the story but seeing i am spending months at home, i shouldn't really just believe one-side story. But i don't know. i mean if it's really true, then i pray she does it right. because i am not going to interfere in her life like she did mine. i don't want her to feel betrayed because i felt it already and i don't fancy doing it on someone. frankly, i am not the type of person who wants revenge. yes, i do crave for it sometimes, but in the end, i always managed to control my desires. I'm not going to be an angel or something by not returning the pain and turmoil she put me the whole of last year. i am not going to do it even though it is so tempting. but i'm not going to do it. She doesn't tell me anything. bet you she fear i'd blow my top if i knew it. but i am going to pretend not to know anything. anyway if it isn't true, then i'd be NOT stupid to get myself involved. because load of time complaining to me and in the end i saw them walking hand in hand. i am not stupid ok. i am going to be someone who just fold my arms and watch them from afar.

Well that's just it. I am going to wrap up Complications of Complete asap and start on Rosemary's Revenge on April. And my registration for animation course will be in this week. my dad says he's going there with me on Friday. =.= better hope he'd keep his word. i've been suspicious that he doesn't want to pay for my course fees or anything. i think he rather i'd starve to death. WE'LL SEE...

good luck to my juniors. Hope they really got at least a silver or gold :D

ZEE \o/