Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Heyy heyy!

Azianah is back here again! and this time i have a great piece of news to share to you guys! last Monday, i got called back to school to do an interview on the Action Against Hunger project last minute. At first i turned down the interview but after that i decided to go for it because i was eager to see myself in the news! the article is out today! and it's in the Berita Harian! :D

quoted from me in the news, translated in English: "I don't deny that it was hard for me to spend time with others when doing this project. it takes up a lot of my time. But i am grateful that my mum gave me plenty of support and understands that this is my passion."

hehee :DDD I'm glad i turned up for the interview. I've never done a real newspaper interview before and this was really my first time. I'm excited. I heard there'll be another project next year, and this time, it will be in Bangladesh, i hope to help out again! :DDD


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