Friday, January 29, 2010


I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i thought i was rather being stiff and boring during the interview but i PASSED! :DDDDDDD


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Got through course desired

got in! woooohooooo~!

Tomorrow's my interview and drawing test. It'll be at 9 am. but i am already so nervous right now... RIGHT NOW you know. it's not even tomorrow yet. anyway, my mum told me i really got a chance to get into the course because like seri said, i have the experience in animation. Well, hopefully it does. i still have to wait until 1st feburary to know whether i had passed my interview. my heart goes boop boop boop. Well, just pray hard i really passed otherwise i have to appeal. anyway this morning when i got the news from the website that i had been called for the interview, i was so so so so shock! i thought i didn't get in, well because of my maths at least. I saw my results and i wanted to scream my lungs out! i wanted to cry. there's so much emotions and i am grateful i really got in. I hope i'd do well enough to go on poly later on. i hope. there's nothing else i could do except work hard and hope. (:

well, wish me luck for the interview. I didn't have my testimonial with me because the school says we can only get them on April otherwise i have to appeal to my form teacher for it. But i HOPE i wouldn't get kicked out from the interview listing just because i didn't have my testimonial. i seriously hope. (:

loves for my friends and juniors (:


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Send my application in ITE

Yay! i've chosen and send my application to ITE! i'm just hoping i really got in the first course: ANIMATION!! the outcome of the results will be on wednesday 27 jan at 9 am! I can't wait! i am honestly so excited!

Anyway, yesterday i went out with my juniors, super cool. :D We took a few photos and teased one another. Awww, i'm so going to miss them now i've graduated! :(((


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

O level results 11 jan

don't ask me how it's like to be there.

All i can say it's abit like celebrating a funeral.

Wherever you go, you can see some lot were laughing because they did well and the other lot were weeping because they didn't expect to do so badly even after studying hard.

Well that's what it's like to be there. For me, i can't be sad about passing only 4 subjects! i'm definatly over the moon about this! i know i don't have to owe him anything by failing but of course, that's definately not my intention. Thanks to my practical fiasco, i got a D7 for science. But i must say i am quite happy to see i've passed english with C5 and combined humanities with C6. i expect to fail them because the situational writing was so damn difficult and i wrote rubbish for social studies. I am definately not surprise to see an E8 for maths. Expected to fail because i haven't studied them days and months before the exam. Hahaaaa~

So, right now i'm choosing my course to ITE. i'm applying Nitec courses because there's no higher Nitec for Animation. I just want to study pure animation. Seri started her course. I hope i'm next. All i have to do is show my experiences in animation for the interview and i'll get in (well i hope seri did say the right thing). Kalyn told me she chose finance and banking. hope she really got in *my fingers crossing*. Desy is still choosing her course. She's going private though. But am glad she's staying in Singapore. We can still go shopping. honestly i love the clothes she picked for me. she have a better taste in fashion honestly. Hehe

So that's it. I don't know what else to write. i'm supposed to be reading my course booklet and send my application by tomorrow. My dad isn't happy because i am only eligible for ITE. he wants me to go poly because he doesn't want me to hang out with ITE kids. He thinks they might imfluence me with cigarettes and drugs! LOL! But i already have decided it long time ago. I am taking ITE as my path not because i like it. it's because i want more knowledge. i know there are somethings that are not taught in Poly but in ITE, they did. so i'm going ITE then i go Poly. At least i'm confident in securing the place in want in Poly if i go ITE first. anyway, my cousins are all ITE graduates and i can see them doing so well in life. I'm not following them though but i guess it's an easier path by taking ITE. I'm going to prove my dad and ESPECIALLY Amirul that you can't look down on ITE graduates. They'll be great. :D

Loves everyone! i'm gonna miss Canberra Sec for that's the place i found what i really want to be: a 3d animator and i mean a very good 3d animator. I'm going to miss my juniors too. :( They are the life and soul of my cca. i love them very much and of course, i'm going to miss my friends and classmates. They've been so great to me throughout my secondary school years! Gonna miss all of you! love yall! :D


Wednesday, January 6, 2010


oh my gosh! the O level results will be on 11 jan and it's like just next week monday! oh my gosh! i am totally not prepared about this! i mean i know the results will be out sooner or later but not like four days after!!! oh dear, i know i must have at least made a grave mistake for english paper 1 and maths was a total disaster! the paper 2 is like so difficult! T_T and i confirm i won't pass my science paper thanks to the pracctical disaster that my calculator did not work! oh my gosh oh my gosh!! T_T what do i do? i still have not made a decision yet! oh my gosh, i think i'm going to fail my english maths and science! it's like all so confirm i'll fail them for sure! oh my gosh! i should have put more effort to it! oh dear... fail fail FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i thinki'm going to fail everything!!!!! T_T