Saturday, December 4, 2010


hi again!

yesterday, me and my group mates did our lifeskills project, and Liza brought her camera so we took some photos of us. half of the time we are laughing about how crazy we are that the project were totally forgotten one corner! hehee! it's always good to have fun when doing projects. :)

these are the friends i usually hang out alot with! Kai yuan, me>,Wendy. This was taken in COE room. That guy's from Taiwan. he's one of my good friends in class! xD Wendy's my leader for Storyboarding, and we're quite close in school. We laughed and talk alot. We treat each other like lovers. alot of people thought we're lesbians because we like to sit close and sweet talking to each other, but we're not lesbians. We're just good friends, sharing common interest and liked the same "type" of guys. :DD

another shot! xDD

This is Rosanne. She's one of my group members for Storyboarding and the Assistant Leader for Lifeskills projects. She's nice and quiet. She likes drawing girls, and she's awesome at drawing details. she likes talking to me because i'm nice *cheeky smiles*

Kai yuan and i posing for photo! :) This was taken in the Drawing Classroom. Mr Huey gave us permission to use the room after seeing us sitting uncomfortably in COE room xD

HAHAA! i liked this photo alot! Janice told Kai yuan to pose like a superhero. he's shy so i told him to take with me. hehee! We're superheroes! woots!


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