Wednesday, June 30, 2010

hi hi!

I've been so busy this week! You know, it's the last week of the holidays and i have to rush out my holiday assignments. i can't understand how Rosanne managed to clear MOST of the assignment in two weeks. i did give myself a dead line but i can't follow it, not with all the stuffs that's been going on in and out of my house during the holidays. So sorry i can't upload any of my drawings today. I've done the full composition of the cowboy town, but i really can't upload it today. i have to rush my other work now.

anyway i am installing adobe photoshop cs5 now :D hope to get on with head start before my new term starts next week. Loads to do *sighs*


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

my cowboy assignment characters

some characters i've drawn for my holiday assignments :D A crazy cowboy looks like Yosemite Sam chasing a frightened horse!


Sunday, June 13, 2010


hi people!

sorry for not updating for quite a while. I've been busy in my last week of school, you know, must keep up with all the last minute instructions for the holiday assignments. And speaking of assignments, i have PLENTY, see the word? it's in bold, PLENTY, of holiday assignments. I've already started it, but NOT a single question is done yet! character posing are already giving me a big headache, and i still have the cowboy composition and hand poses drawing, and loads others. i am seriously trying to finish it all up by week 2 of the holidays so that i can study for the theory at least a month before the exam comes. Anyway, my class advisor already told my class that the exam will take place either on the 13th or the 14th of September. i feel so bloody relieve that it doesn't fall in the 15th because it would such a "memorable" birthday if the exam falls on the 15th. bah.

anyway, i seriously going to miss school for three weeks. you know, i begin to grow to love the class and the lessons that i am yearning to go to school every day. There's a class BBQ going on the second week of the holidays, i hope Wendy, Liza and Rosanne can make it because i really wanna go, though i don't intend to stay there for too long (you know how much BBQ sessions I've already attended so far this year.) i hope to spend some time with my new friends and you know, catch up with them a little.. :D

oh yes, i bumped onto one of classmates yesterday in Suntec City. they held a PC road show, and it was damn crowded there. but it's such a small world that my classmate was standing right in front of me in the escalator =.=

it's R.A.I.N.I.N.G again! oh yea, so sorry there is no sketches or artwork to upload this time. besides, i don't really know what to upload this time... hmm, maybe if i finish my first question of my assignment, I'll upload it? teeheehee. :D

loves, and tc,


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

hi hi!

this is my VERY OWN drawing composition! Created by me for my drawing class assignment:

this is only the shaded, i have the original sketch too :

hahaaa. i hand up this assignment on Monday. my teacher promises bonus points for those who passed up on Monday :D teeheeeheeeee~ but the bonus points sounds like only extra one or two points :P



Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sketches from the movie, Mulan

On Monday, my class did composition (not that composition with grammer and past tense! the DRAWING compostion!) it's about drawing objects in one-third rule, so that the picture looks nicer. And my teacher showed us Mulan movie and we sketched some of the scenes from Mulan movie :)

happy looking,