Tuesday, June 28, 2011

outing with the girls

hi guys!

it's been while since i wrote about the fyp team working on the storyboard for Rapunzel! We had an outing today, disussing on the storyboard and the location map. After that we had pasta for lunch. it has been quite awhile we had a good time together doing the pre-production xD i hope we can continue working hard on the project and cherish the moments we had until the end! :D

Wendy and Rosanne

Wendy, Rosanne and Liza

...wait, where's Kai Yuan? :P Well, he went on a holiday back in his hometown, so the girls just continue working hard without him. xD

azianah maskus

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sketch update!

hi guys!

it has been awhile since i've updated any sketches to my blog. I do have some sketches, but i can't show all of them because they are kind of storyboard sketches and i have not really finish all of them, but there is one sketch i did out of boredom of doing storyboard.

might be colouring it in photoshop tomorrow, if i'm done with storyboard.

anyway, Wendy and i are doing some slight changes in our storyboard. Animatics of new Rapunzel film might be out on the third week of my holidays :)

azianah maskus

Friday, June 24, 2011

Pencilmation: Hank Gets Colored In - A Penciling Aniboom Animation by Ross Bollinger

Just another cool animation i saw in Youtube! thought i should share it with my readers! :)

Hank, the lovable cartoon character, learns about the different colors. Colorful pencils show him what's possible outside the black and white world, but he has to learn it all the hard way...

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Earthquake Animation

Hi Hi! sorry that i haven't been posting my works regularly. but here's a great update for my readers!

done this in school on last friday :) it's kinda last minute. spent like four to six hours to animate everything. i admit the lamp animation look kinda weird. it was seriously a last minute work (i was so busy with presentation with foreign visitors and the MPs), and it's just gets worse that deadline was on Friday itself.

by the way, this room setting is done by Rosanne, and this is the link to her Deviantart (http://lulubell18.deviantart.com/)

Anyway, before i did the earthquake animation, i did abit of warm up animation with Wendy's room setting. This was sadly disapproved by my lecturer, but still, was well-liked by my classmates.

Room setting by Wendy and this is the link to he Deviantart (http://starwendy.deviantart.com/)

azianah maskus

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Puss in Boots | OFFICIAL teaser trailer #1 US (2011)


another movie from Dreamworks Animation that is coming out in November! Puss in Boots! Can't wait for the movie release! i'm so gonna catch this with my family! :DDD

azianah maskus

Monday, June 13, 2011

Piston animation

We did this tutorial in class with teacher's help today. We were taught how to use set driven key and point constraint. :D

azianah maskus

Sunday, June 12, 2011

demo reel tips


i'm so sorry that i haven't been updating anyting for quite some time! i'm currently up to neck with projects. I'll try o find time to scan in my recent sketches from my sketchbook. and oh yes, i'm starting my next 3d animation assignment. We're doing earthquake for this new assignment. i have an idea how to do it after a few days of thinking and imagining (LOL). i will do a playblast of the eathquake once i'm done with it.

anyway, just wanted to share this website: http://www.pixar.com/companyinfo/jobs/howto.html i came across this website while searching for internship programmes. This website gives some tips on how to do a good demo reel of your work. do check it out! the tips are really useful!:D

azianah maskus

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cyanide & Happiness - Ted Bear

My classmate and i watched this funny animation a few weeks ago. just thought i would share it with my readers! ;D

Don't forget to subscribe to their page!

happy watching!

azianah maskus

Saturday, June 4, 2011

busy week!

hello guys!

I've been so busy with school work lately that i have not been updating my blog regularly. i am so sorry about it. There was just so much work to be done in school. i actually left the campus at 7.30pm yesterday because i was doing a group project with Wendy and Friends. At the moment, we have to put on hold our fyp film because we had to finish our lifeskills project, so i am sorry too, for not updating anything about our upcoming Rapunzel short film.

well currently right now, Wendy and Friends have been working hard to do our lifeskills project. We're going to Sunbeam's Place this Monday to teach little kids about drawings. My groupmates have been doing masks for them as a gift. i helped abit too, especially drawing masks of Spongebob, Patrick and Chowder. I'm also in charge of doing the showreel of our previous works. I'm still working on the showreel though. But i think i will post the showreel on Monday night if i have the time. The showreel consists of works done by Wendy, Liza, Rosanne, Kai Yuan and me.

Also, i have another update, that is, on this coming Tuesday, i will be on full shift to do presentation for my ITE College Central principals and board of directors. I haven't done presentation in front of a big crowd for a long time, so i'm kinda nervous about it. What if my voice failed me on the presentation day? lol. wish me best of luck for it!

anyway, i have been doing some sketches lately. here they are:

and some try out on anime style:

so that's all for today! stay tune to the showreel!

azianah maskus

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

another render work!

one of the lastest rendering i've done. :) not the best work because it was kinda last minute, but still got the shading right. :D