Secondary School Works:

group projects:

The first 3D animation by Canberra Secondary School

This animation was sent for SDMA 2008 competition and was awarded "Merit". This clip also won the international category for Yoscar award. :) This clip was done by Canberra Secondary's Digital Animation club members.

Personal Projects:

Walk cycle animation

This was done in 2007, a 3D animation walk cycle. Character: Moom by Ramtin



Personal Works:

2D animation:

Done in 2010 as class assignment. used in Flash CS5 and animate it frame by frame. :)

3D works:

done in 2011. a 4 second earthquake animation. done in Maya 2010, room setting by Rosanne Wong (

ITE Showreel:

done in 2012. ITE Digital Animation Showreel