Saturday, December 18, 2010


hey hey again!

been so busy the last few days... and finally it's holidays! :D anyway, today i haven't got much things to update about. Life is very dry the last few days... I'm still working on my microsite. so I'll just post some of my old works.

This is my first character design assignment... the first assignment that gives me stress. i did two different characters because my teacher prefers this (above) rather than the female one i did. i was given 3 weeks to complete the two characters, and it's not only the turnaround i did, but with poses and expression. i earned an A+ for this assignment for all the stress I went through. and this gives me more hope to get all As for my Character Design assignment. xD I haven't coloured the female version of the snake, i won't be posting the sketchy version until i coloured that one :)

... and some sketches from my sketch book that i will putting in my microsite. These are designs that was picked by Mr Huey during the portfolio assessment workshop :)

little birdie who hates studying... like me xD

random sketches and poses.. :D

The tribal partners! :)

the edited version of the cowboy madness. i was asked to change the body of the cowboy and the legs of the horse to give it more action. This was pasted on my drawing class's Hall of Fame under Animation Layout. hehee xD

well that's all for today! :DD hope you enjoy your holidays! HAPPY HOLIDAYSSS!

zeelicious xoxox

p.s. that's me. drawn in Flash, and export out as a jpeg image. that explains the pixels xDD

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