Sunday, February 27, 2011

sick *cough cough*

hey hey!

it's been quite awhile since i blog about my school life. so sorry! i've fallen sick last Thursday, and this time i'm really sick. My fever went up as high as 39 degrees ( i think) i could barely open my eyes and was shivering like some drug addict in class. But i'm all better now. Just having minor cough and flu. and yes, the sorethroat is still there.

so anyway, i added 2 new pages tab on my blog. It's still under construction, but do check out the "MeowPunzel" tab because that's where i'll be posting the updates of the MeowPunzel animation project. :D

on the other hand, i just want to help spread this blog to others:

This blog belongs to my friend, Wendy. She's also the team leader of my group's MeowPunzel Project. Do check out her blog. Her forte is anime drawings. Her artworks are simply amazing! :)

so that's all today. I'm so tired from yesterday's shopping. My dad bought me a new pair of sneakers and a new luggage. My mum bought me 2 new pairs of jeans. LOL. My parents seems to be more excited to go Hong Kong than me. hehehe. I can't wait to be there too! hehehe
anyway, hopefully after i'm done with my walk cycle animation tomorrow, i'll post it here! do check out for more updates!

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Gnomeo & Juliet Movie Trailer


another new 3d animation movie coming up soon!

can't wait to watch this! :D

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

hey yea!

hey hey! watch this:

I can't wait for this movie, Rango, to show! :DD March seem to be a very very long time to come. hehee. Time to plan an outing with Wendy and Friends to broaden our ideas for FYP! :DD

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Monday, February 21, 2011


hi! and i'm back! The crazy Azianah is back again on her blog! woots!

hehe. ignore that above. xD so, the latest update for today is that i finally changed the outlook of my blog! woohooo! and yes, i am the one who design the banner above! it's not so nice as i have been busy with school work and i didn't really bother much about the colours used. Actually i was thinking of combining all my own characters in the banner, but the characters were too tiny, so i didn't put it.

so anyway, did i tell you i had finished my bouncing ball animation last week?... or issit last last week? LOL. i don't know. but yea, i have finally done it and here it is:

new rubber ball
Rubber Ball animation (above)

iron ball

Iron ball animation (above)

I know the iron ball rolling looks a little bit too weird, and that's because my teacher told me to roll it at the last minute. I spend like one or two hours just to do the rolling part then send it to my teacher. tsk.

for now i'm still working on my walking cycle animation. i see that most of my classmates are already half dead doing the walk cycle, and this include me as well. @_@ I'm just done with the background design of my walk cycle. I will upload the walk cycle once it's done. :D


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Sunday, February 13, 2011


woots. tmr is valentine's day. hehehe. I WANT CHOCOLATES PLEASE! :DDD

anyway, yesterday i spend my whole day painting one of my Rapunzel's poses. i had a few tries with the colour because i wanted to make Rapunzel stands out in the picture.

The original sketch:

The first set of colours tried: hues of bluish and purple. I wanted to make something like a night scene, but Rapunzel never stands out much because of her hair colour.

The second set of colours: pinkish and orange hues combined with a little touch of yellow. Rapunzel stands out more in this picture. But I'm still not satisfied with the colours used. The colours just don't match the mood I'm looking for. I will continue testing the colours until i find the right mood for this picture.

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Friday, February 11, 2011


i've got a great news to share tonight! Firstly, i've finally am done with my 2D animation of bouncing ball (both rubber ball and iron ball). shall upload it someday in gif format because the quality of the picture will only look nice in gif instead of avi. hehehe.

alright, secondly, i have done my animatics. Animatics is a moving storyboard and is usually done after the whole storyboard is finalised. It took me whole 2 weeks to complete it because it was just hard to find the sound of some scenes. i've uploaded it in my youtube account, and here it is:

so that's all for today. after i'm done with my walk cycle animation, i'll upload it here. :3 hehehe!

have a good weekend!

azianah maskus

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

hey hey!

hello! today i'm in a very good mood. School's awesome today although the internet there keeps disconnecting for no bloody reason. I am finishing all my assignments soon, hehe, must keep looking on the bright side! the dark side is my test is on this Friday, hehehe, i haven't even got time to study with assignments going on!

btw, just want to show this:

this was drawn by my classmate. The guy's from Green Hornet. My classmate says that's him. LOL. Don't ask me why there's a girl superhero there! xD

azianah....... hahahahahahahahaz!

to Kalyn, cheer up ehhh! Don't care about them! This kind of things happen. Even my teacher have ever teased me with one of my classmate (ok, bluff, it's two boys, ok.) just ignore them! The class will get over it. These kind of things will pass by very soon! smile and cheer up, ahhkays? ^3^

Saturday, February 5, 2011

CNY-cable car-Sentosa

hey hey again!

so sorry that i haven't been posting for about a week. been busy with assignments again. as you know always whenever exams are coming, teachers will always take advantage of the situation by giving more work than ever. hehehe. Lots of things happen last few days before chinese new year. I haven't draw anything nice with my new wacom yet but just a simple drawing of my friends on paper.

it's been a super long time since i drew humans. Drawing human is one of my weakness (note to self: don't ever put human-related characters in your portfolio) anyway, i tried drawing my friends, but it doesn't seem to look like them at all... hmm, i removed their specs in this drawing and they seem to look younger than usual. hehehe.

alright, back to the happenings of the last few days!

on monday, my group Wendy and Friends did a roadshow booth in our school. our booth was about "Digital Animation" and our aim was to let people know that drawing is very important in animation. As suggested by my CA, we decided to do a drawing competition. hehehe. Kai Yuan and Liza took lotsa photos but i haven't got them yet. i was down with fever last Wednesday so i didn't managed to get the photos from them. But just to let you see what we did one week before the roadshow, we held a meeting on the Thursday and tried to draw the existing characters available. These are all mine. i haven't got my groupmates' drawing yet... so yeah, these are all the try outs:

drawing the Spongebob characters. easiest to draw was Gary the snail. next was plankton and then Squidward. applying the line of action makes it easier to draw Squidward. the hardest was Spongebob, especially drawing his eyes and nose. They were overlapped and that makes it hard. you have to think about the perspective for spongebob facial features. :)

Drawing Mickey was one of the hardest characters my group tried. no one produces a very similar mickey during the meeting. this is my mickey, with a broken neck. xD i can't imagine how mickey's neck is like anyway.

i rarely watch pokemon. this is one of its characters.

so last two days was the Chinese New Year, and for the last two days, I've been trying to clear up my assignments and revise for exams. There's a test coming up this Friday (and all assignments has to be handed in by Friday, tsk.) So far i've only studied unit 1 of my design theory. i'm less than halfway with unit 2. They say 12 units will be tested for this exam. so i'm trying hard to keep up with my theories. @_@

and yesterday my family and i went to Sentosa. We took a cable car ride from Vivo to Sentosa and it was my first time taking a cable car ride. it was a really good experience. half of the time, i tried not to imagine what will it be like if the car just fall off. hahaha. anyway, here are the slide shows of the trip. happy watching!

happy CNY my friends! :DD

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