Wednesday, December 1, 2010



afraid that i might not be able to update my blog, i decided to tonight =D as i had promised, i will now upload my character design assignment that i had been doing for the last 3 weeks:

this is my villain character, and since most of my classmates had given a description about their character, I'd give mine too. this character, her name's Sara, and she's a rich girl. although she's rich, she leads a boring life. So, after mixing with the wrong company, she finally decides what she wanted to be, a Villain and terrorise the city! :D ok, i know it's a very lame description of my character! it's kinda last minute coming up with the character description!

anyway, i'm doing to upload another of my personal work. did it ages ago and with the help of Wendy's comics, i'm improving alot for human drawings. :) this was digitally painted in Photoshop cs5:

i usually don't have a story behind what i draw. hehee, just make up whatever stories you want for this! hahaha!

Good nights!


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