Friday, July 31, 2009

Something Smells Fishy~!

Today’s Social Studies class wasn’t as bad as I thought. Since OV was going to show us a documentary video on Britain’s, France’s and America’s Health Care Policy, I though it would be boring as usual like we are going through the SEQ. Other classes watched great movies like House of Saddam and stuffs and we are watching a lousy documentary on Health Care Policies, which is like so totally unfair! But then the documentary ended up being so interesting that I clean forgotten that I had chucked my Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire book is right under my table. Did you know France’s Health Care system is so amazing? They actually have to pay NOTHING for seeing a doctor! They pay absolutely NOTHING for chemotherapy sessions, for giving birth or even for minor sickness like vomiting, flu and fever! And they get paid sick leaves too! Imagine you got three months of MC and still get paid by your boss? Of course, it wasn’t entirely your boss paid your salary: 65% were from the government and 35% from your employer and they made sure you still get 100% paid. And, imagine you get a maid coming to your house to do your housework and take care of your children every twice a week for FREE? It’s totally amazing! But that’s only the positive side though.

Anyway, so much for that, shall I proceed on complaining about school again? There’s a funny, horrible stench in school today. Nobody knew what cause that smell or where it came from but it is definitely a fishy smell. Too fishy to smell like rubbish, or a dead human body, or even fart. Yes, it’s definitely fishy! Some said it came from the koi pond in school but I personally felt the strong stench was coming more from the Sembawang River at that back of our school. But the boys in my class thought it would be a funny joke if it came from the girl’s washroom.

Well, so much for that stench-y smell, I am glad that I am at home, breathing the freshest air! Hahaha.

Loves & regards to everybody!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

!Social Studies Disaster!

There was nothing much in school as usual. We just got out from that quarantine thingy and now we’re being piled up with so much school work. It’s obvious that teacher is using this quarantine thing as an excuse. I can swear that the papers in my file are piling up, because yesterday, I took out my large stack of paper in my file and slid them into my bag but my bag became unusually heavy after that. In the end, I hastily retrieved the stack and put them back into my file. I rather liked it much holding a thick and heavy file than carrying such a heavy bag to school.

Well, I didn’t study at all for social studies mock paper. Bet you anything that I will 100000000% likely to do badly for this paper. OMG, prelims are like so near and here I am complaining. The time is ticking so slowly that it feels like someone had bewitched the clock so that it goes SLOWLY….

So like I said, there’s nothing much in school today not unless you count another class just got quarantined! Well, I’m not exactly sure why I am feeling a pinch of pressure in my brain even though I have given up on O levels?? But I guess I’m abit too tired these few days. Odd things been happening and I’m not sure of it either. Hahahaaa. Well, time to sign out! :D

To my juniors, Love yall. Tc please and do well in your storyboarding! I’m looking forward to see you win an award next year!

Desy, please take care of yourself!

Monday, July 27, 2009

I saw Kacang Puteh

You can never imagine how hot the day is this morning (but too bad the sky is now sulking). It’s seriously hot. The moment I stepped into my classroom, I looked for the nearest fan and while standing under the fan, I was still fanning myself with my hand. “Are you that hot?” my friend asked, her eyes widen in shock when she saw me standing under the fan. Apparently, my uniform was soaked with my own sweat. I looked back at her, half amused that she actually asked me such an obvious question. “Well, can’t you see that I’m sweating profusely?” I asked.

I saw that Kacang Puteh when I was outside the music room. Hahahaa. I was like, “Hi, Kacang Puteh!” He looked amused but smiled rather reluctantly. Honestly, I’ve never met a person who usually suppressed his smile or laughter! Not as if he has crooked teeth that he doesn’t want to show off! Hahahaa! i guess he doesn't have... Ummmm... (shh...) a wild side…

alright laaa, I have to go now! Need to finish up my homework. Plenty to do, always, especially being in sec 5.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


I woke up at 9 today but stayed in my room re-reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows until 11.50 which then I had decided to have a bath. Well unfortunately while I was in my bathroom bathing, my relatives came over and my mum had passed me some clothes including ... (shhh..) a torn shorts. Obviously she didn’t realised it when she helped me took my clothes. So after I had gotten my proper clothes on, I went to help my mum re-heat some food in the kitchen for my relatives to eat. The only thing is my mum didn’t know I actually nicked some food in the pan while heating it. Hahaha. My irritating second sister annoyed me so much because she lied, so finally I lost my temper and told her off for lying. I care less that she’s not speaking to me. I ALSO have no intention to speak to her. She should know that God know who’s right and who’s wrong and what other lies she had been telling and how she disrespected my parents. I won’t say much here but of course I would loved to ruin her because apparently I am sick of people seeing her a goddess because no one knows what bad things she did at home and seriously I don’t care much about she, who loves disrespecting and lying to her elders. It’s time for her to learn to earn her elders’ respect. And I am not going to show any respect to people who don’t deserve it!

Having abit of cramps today. No Pet’s Society today. Stay healthy everyone and take care.
>To Desy, Get Well Soon

Friday, July 24, 2009

Stomach pain :C

Haaaaiiiiyyyaaaaaaaaaa! I don't know why my stomach is hurting so much today! it' driving me crazy. the pain is distracting me from my studies and despite it, i actually fell asleep in Social Studies class! hahahaa. Anyway, about being quarantine in class for next week is yet to be confirmed. But i'm not sure though whether i really liked to be quarantined next week because i actually feel i have much more personal time on my own being quarantine. Hehe. But i missed CCA. I hope i can drop by at the cca room soon. I miss the smell of the room. :D

Loves! Tc

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ohhhhhhhhhhh So Boring!

Today’s maths class is really boring. I almost fell asleep. Guess today everybody is recovering from their fever. More than half a class came to school today. That’s something! At least it’s nosier in class now! Those who had just cam back from mc still have minor cough and flu. I am still having flu though. My teacher had just told us to practice more social distancing. Haven’t been able to hang out with my friends or my juniors aren’t enough of social distancing? Aww, seriously, I miss everything! I miss my friends, my juniors and the yummy chicken burger in school…. It’s like I’m better of not being in school! All I do is get stuck in my ‘quarantined’ sec-H5N2 classroom. Not to mention we have recess in classroom, we are even not even allowed to share classrooms with other history/art/geography/FNN/D&T students! And teachers will actually have to escort us down to the foyer 10 minutes earlier before school ends and see us out from the school! Oh boy, our dear 5N2 class are the VIPs of Canberra sec, seriously.

Note: 84 days left to O Level Maths paper.

Big Loves to my friends, juniors! Take Care!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Today is school

So. this is how it feels like being quarantine in class. no more hanging out with besties during recess and have to eat in class. i'm so bored to tears just now that how i wished we could all just get quarantined at home instead at school. Teachers have to wear mask and it feels so weird! We looked as if we're in jail or should i just say we look like patients in jail? -.-"" Half of the class are not in school today! And the class is much quieter than usual. But easier to concentrate. :)
TC my friends! muah!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Helloooooo World~!

I used to do blogging when I was in sec 2 but because the break up between my ex and me and my cca project keep me away from blogging. It has been three years since I did blogging but I am not sure whether I will still write great stuffs inside because O levels are already keeping me busy! But I am not busy right now! *winks* that’s because I’m on two days MC. I’m still having sore throat right now. Hehee... I’m feeling abit sleepy now due to medicine. BOO. Now my class have the highest risk of getting swine flu. Half of my classmates are not in school which means = Two of my classmates have been suspected of H1n1 and about 7 down with fever and the rest are just minor sickness. If there anyone in class confirmed having H1n1 then there’s no school for my class ONLY. Hahahaaa *nanny nanny poo poo to the rest.

Sorry, I need a good rest now. Tomorrow’s my last mother tongue O level exam which is Listening Compre. :) everyone, please take care.

Big Loves!