Thursday, September 9, 2010

yay yay!


I'm back from school! It's half day for malay students today cos it's the eve of Hari Raya! YAY!

anyways, today's my youngest sis's birthday! Went to annoy her this morning in Facebook

when i was in school, i worte this on her wall:

so when i reached home, i was too bored, i wrote on her wall again, but this time on my second account:

HAHAHAHA! too bored ahhh. now i am waiting for some work to be assigned. Am listening toChinese Paladin 3 ost. I miss my White Tofu (my Wallace Huo) heheee. Just now, i went to deviant art and drew this using deviantART Muro. it's a new software offered by deviant, and its my first time trying. i used the mouse to draw, so it's not that nice. i wished i could have the tablet and pen thing that we used in school (although i don't often use it) it's much easier to draw sketchy sketchy stuffs. :3 Hope to buy one when i have enough money! *winks winks*

ok la, gotta go now. Have some work to do now. heheee! Happy Hari Raya to all my malay friends! :DDD Hope i still secure my A-grade (and Top-scorer) for my Design exam this Monday! heheheee!

loves, and tc,


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