Friday, December 31, 2010


hey hey!

last night, out of boredom, i drew this. i swear it took me only an hour to come out with the girl, and another hour and a half to draw the foreground and pixies. i am still working on the colouring. my brain has gone haywire at the moment (so is the Photoshop)! so here's my linework:

so... this is the last few hours of 2010. i don't know what 2011 will bring to my life, but i hope it's something full of surprise and excitement. LOL. i don't think so much. i will be very busy with FYP. hopefully my group's short film, Rapunzel, will go smoothly, be it 2D or 3D! :DDD

to everyone, my family, my old and new friends, and juniors, HAPPY NEW YEAR'S EVE! :DDD


Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Heyy heyy!

Azianah is back here again! and this time i have a great piece of news to share to you guys! last Monday, i got called back to school to do an interview on the Action Against Hunger project last minute. At first i turned down the interview but after that i decided to go for it because i was eager to see myself in the news! the article is out today! and it's in the Berita Harian! :D

quoted from me in the news, translated in English: "I don't deny that it was hard for me to spend time with others when doing this project. it takes up a lot of my time. But i am grateful that my mum gave me plenty of support and understands that this is my passion."

hehee :DDD I'm glad i turned up for the interview. I've never done a real newspaper interview before and this was really my first time. I'm excited. I heard there'll be another project next year, and this time, it will be in Bangladesh, i hope to help out again! :DDD


Saturday, December 18, 2010


hey hey again!

been so busy the last few days... and finally it's holidays! :D anyway, today i haven't got much things to update about. Life is very dry the last few days... I'm still working on my microsite. so I'll just post some of my old works.

This is my first character design assignment... the first assignment that gives me stress. i did two different characters because my teacher prefers this (above) rather than the female one i did. i was given 3 weeks to complete the two characters, and it's not only the turnaround i did, but with poses and expression. i earned an A+ for this assignment for all the stress I went through. and this gives me more hope to get all As for my Character Design assignment. xD I haven't coloured the female version of the snake, i won't be posting the sketchy version until i coloured that one :)

... and some sketches from my sketch book that i will putting in my microsite. These are designs that was picked by Mr Huey during the portfolio assessment workshop :)

little birdie who hates studying... like me xD

random sketches and poses.. :D

The tribal partners! :)

the edited version of the cowboy madness. i was asked to change the body of the cowboy and the legs of the horse to give it more action. This was pasted on my drawing class's Hall of Fame under Animation Layout. hehee xD

well that's all for today! :DD hope you enjoy your holidays! HAPPY HOLIDAYSSS!

zeelicious xoxox

p.s. that's me. drawn in Flash, and export out as a jpeg image. that explains the pixels xDD

Friday, December 10, 2010


hihi! been so busy this week! can't wait to catch movie with my classmate this Sunday! We're watching Rapunzel by Disney because we're doing "Rapunzel" for our FYP. btw, the pics below are my group mates for next year's FYP.

initially this photos are for our lifeskills project:

^^ hahaha. Mr Huey saw me pushing the hat to cover Kai Yuan's face and he laughed so hard. lols.

anyways, I'm now working on my website for my portfolio next year. Actually should say it's micro-site because it's a mini website which doesn't require you to be connected to the internet to see the portfolio. I've done my homepage, and this is how it will look like:

i took a screen shot because i'm too lazy to open the flash file. anyway, there will be a little of animation in my micro-site. the pipes will be squashing and stretching and the solution will be bubbling. The doors are actually the buttons for the webpage. I'm not sure if i will have time to link every page of the site together by this friday. tonight, i will start scanning my my school assignments for my portfolio. You'll be seeing my some of my drawing class and ADP stuffs. xD

ok la, gtg now. am so tired. can't wait for holidays. me and my classmates has start counting down: 7 more days left!!!


p.s. thanks to Kalyn for the confident booster. putting my cowboy layout gave me much more confident to finish up ALL my assignments by Friday!!! :DDD

Saturday, December 4, 2010


hi again!

yesterday, me and my group mates did our lifeskills project, and Liza brought her camera so we took some photos of us. half of the time we are laughing about how crazy we are that the project were totally forgotten one corner! hehee! it's always good to have fun when doing projects. :)

these are the friends i usually hang out alot with! Kai yuan, me>,Wendy. This was taken in COE room. That guy's from Taiwan. he's one of my good friends in class! xD Wendy's my leader for Storyboarding, and we're quite close in school. We laughed and talk alot. We treat each other like lovers. alot of people thought we're lesbians because we like to sit close and sweet talking to each other, but we're not lesbians. We're just good friends, sharing common interest and liked the same "type" of guys. :DD

another shot! xDD

This is Rosanne. She's one of my group members for Storyboarding and the Assistant Leader for Lifeskills projects. She's nice and quiet. She likes drawing girls, and she's awesome at drawing details. she likes talking to me because i'm nice *cheeky smiles*

Kai yuan and i posing for photo! :) This was taken in the Drawing Classroom. Mr Huey gave us permission to use the room after seeing us sitting uncomfortably in COE room xD

HAHAA! i liked this photo alot! Janice told Kai yuan to pose like a superhero. he's shy so i told him to take with me. hehee! We're superheroes! woots!


Wednesday, December 1, 2010



afraid that i might not be able to update my blog, i decided to tonight =D as i had promised, i will now upload my character design assignment that i had been doing for the last 3 weeks:

this is my villain character, and since most of my classmates had given a description about their character, I'd give mine too. this character, her name's Sara, and she's a rich girl. although she's rich, she leads a boring life. So, after mixing with the wrong company, she finally decides what she wanted to be, a Villain and terrorise the city! :D ok, i know it's a very lame description of my character! it's kinda last minute coming up with the character description!

anyway, i'm doing to upload another of my personal work. did it ages ago and with the help of Wendy's comics, i'm improving alot for human drawings. :) this was digitally painted in Photoshop cs5:

i usually don't have a story behind what i draw. hehee, just make up whatever stories you want for this! hahaha!

Good nights!