Thursday, November 11, 2010

hey hey


so sorry that i haven't been able to update my blog for a long time! School work is getting more and more stressful and i had hardly any time for my own projects. all the deadlines are so closed to every other subjects and i'm always rushing on my work. i had hardly any time to care what grades i might get because the most important thing now is i need to understand my work :)

anyway, last week, a famous animation director in Singapore came to my school for a talk. He's Mr David Kwok and he's the founder (i think) of an animation company called "Tiny Island". His company made animation cartoons like Shelldon. Coincidentally on that day, my storyboarding teacher told us that he work on the storyboarding of Shelldon episode 9 and 10, and i was like wow. I didn't really expect singapore animation to be on TV and this kinda gives me more confident that there's a future in animation career. :3

aiya, i dont know what to write about here cos currently my brain juice all has dried up. Storyboarding and DMI classes has taken most of the juices away so right now i'm pretty much a "dry" and boring person. There isn't much to talk about school not unless you want me to write about one of my classmate who told my class that he likes me. now i'm enduring my darling's teases and she somehow is playing the middleman >.<>

oh yes, before i forget, i have a drawing to show-off here. hehee. i draw this a few donkey weeks ago when i was really free of assignments. i'm now trying to colour the drawing in photoshop but i haven't got much time since my other assignments needs to use photoshop. i can like stay glued on my laptop for HOURS just to colour my assignments. @_@ so this is it, my work, nameless:

so that's for today, until then!


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