Saturday, July 31, 2010


i have a good news to share!

i've got another "A" for my Typo Assignment! yayness!

now I've got another thing to start to worry after getting an "A". NOW I've got to worry about maintaining an "A" grade for all my ADP Assignments! @___@


high on the sky,


Thursday, July 29, 2010

hi hi again

hello everyones again!

so sorry (again!) for not updating a long time. been busy with my one last project for ADP :) getting on fine and stuffs, but i fell ill again today. ate too much durian cake. teeheeheee.

i miss school. i want to draw portrait again! yesterday we drew portrait for Drawing Class and i had to draw a few different faces to get my eyes to learn to observe people properly, and strictly speaking, i am starting to observe plenty of things so well ^_^V

this is a portrait of my friend, Rosanne. um, it quite looks like her. my caricature is still abit lousy now but am improving! :D

awesome, eh? ^^

loves & tc,


Saturday, July 24, 2010


hi hi hi! :DDD

so sorry, i haven't been able to update my blog! hehehee! these few days my class has been concentrating on Photoshop. and i feel i'm getting a little bit better although i'm still the Photoshop-noob there. hehehe. anyway the school is selling Adobe Photoshop at $119! it's at student price and i am sooooo going to buy it! ITE students always gets the best and the cheapest things at the best quality! :DDD

anyway i had just finish one of my assignment. it's for my drawing class. we are starting on Flip-book animation and we are starting the basics. here's my bouncing ball plan:

i had to take a few tries to get the proportion of the ball and the bounce all correct, it's so hard. i never knew drawing a simple flip-book with 22 balls is so hard. but anyways, i learnt something! wee woo waaa~ i want to try bouncing bottle next. heheee!

anyway i have another new ADP assignment and i have to do another movie poster, this time must be more original. i have an idea in mind. i'm doing something like "The Incredibles" but slightly different. i'm going to draw aliens. :D hehee. i found out that my forte is drawing funny-looking aliens and monsters. hahaaas. but i haven't got the whole idea of my poster yet. i am still developing the characters, maybe the aliens would be saving the human world from evil doughnuts? hehee! lol!

and a few days ago, i had to pose for figure drawing for my drawing class. my friend drew me. hahas. anime version of Azianah:

gotta go now. update more soon! tc!

Big loves,


Wednesday, July 21, 2010


hi hi!

my ADP teacher has just given me back yesterday my group assignment's grade. All four of us got A grade! yayness. now, if you forget which assignment i'm talking about, it is this:

we've achieved an A for the report, but if teacher is marking our presentation as well, it might be an A+. Lols, i won't ask for more. Just happy for the A! :DDDDDDDDDD



Monday, July 19, 2010

lolalilulu LOLS

hi hi again

and trust me, i am HIGH today, so bear with me and my nonsense :D

alright, today is my sketchbook presentation day, and i am seriously telling you that this presentation is one of my most memorable presentation ever, because one thing, I have achieved my goal which is, my drawings/animation is for entertainment purposes, and this time, I have a feeling, though not entirely sure of that, I'm getting a better grade for my holiday assignment!!!! woo wee waaa!!! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD

and what happen during my presentation:

1. the moment i come with my sketchbook and show my holiday assignment on the projector thingy, the whole class started laughing, including Mr Huey, my drawing teacher. this was what was on the first page of my sketchbook (the holiday assignment one):

my first thought was, what, why are yall laughing? and i was like, "eh, don't laugh laaaa~" and Mr Huey stopped laughing and said, "No, we're not laughing because it's not nice, but it's REALLY FUNNY!" and I look at the projector screen there and wonder what was seriously funny about my character poses.

and this is the other 7 character poses:

my teacher likes the accusing pose, because there is line of action :) yayness me.

and another page of character pose:

and my teacher gave me alot of praises for the hand gestures, because i used boxes for the hands. he said most professionals used boxes to draw hands instead of the countour because this is to know where the side plan and front plane and blah blah blah.

I only upload one page of my hand gestures because it's not that worth to look at all. pictures are not nice, but I rather you look into my sketchbook itself. nicer there :P

and after that i showed my normal sketchbook, the ones that i normally sketch my nonsensical stuffs on and each page I turn to show them felt like days and hours, because the class were laughing at all my weird sketches.

Mr Huey says it looks like me. "it has Azianah's essence," he says. and the class agreed. I was like wth?!?!?! look like me? WHERE GOT??????????????

i draw Wendy's future boyfriend. Lols. she says she will murder this guy before she dies. :P

and this is one of my figure drawings i did last night. yes, it's nude, hey but so what? i imagine, not look at naked woman and draw. heheheee :DDD but the feet is weird because i draw this when i was half sleepy.


high on the sky,

Sunday, July 18, 2010

hi ho hu he :DDDD

Yo yo everyones!

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated. Sooo sorry because I was rushing with the final piece of Cat Tours (starring *ahem ahem* and Kalyn) movie poster. And sorry (once again!) because I didn’t manage to take a photo of it and I had already hand up that assignment! But nevertheless I have some “character design” to show you. Yep yep, “character design”, and I actually have PLENTY, see the word in bold, PLENTY of “character design” but I haven’t had the time to upload ALL of them, so I will take my own sweet time to upload one by one first. Teeheeheee~

This is the latest. It was on my friend’s colour testing sheet. My rabbit. Heheeee. It supposed to look like my drawing teacher but um, it looks kinda abit like my ex-principal? hehehe

Oh yes, my class is doing a lot of figure drawings in our drawing lessons (not the NUDE one, please! I am under-age!) My classmates have been taking turns to pose for the live drawings. So far so good la, I haven’t been chosen! *phews* I had a lot of problems drawing the head part because its suppose to be in 3D, and somehow my figure drawings always have these minor mistakes like: too-long neck (my teacher prowled to my table and laughed. “It looks like a giraffe,” he commented, before re-drawing it for me), and too-long forehead (my teacher come to my table again and will draw a sample one on my paper), the feet must have proper grounding, (my teacher drew a stick figure with stick feet that looked as if it’s been plastered to the ground, which, to me, amazingly looks like there’s a weight on the stick figure) and having wrong extension and compression on the body, and wrong twist (“even if there is a 0.000000001 compression between the torso and pelvis, you still have to draw it out.”) It’s so hard to draw human, I finally appreciate all those artists who draw nude people and how hard it was to draw a proper figure with all the correct extension and compression, and not to have too-long neck. So hard! T_T I have a feeling that I’ll get at most a C for this figure drawing syllabus, and I feel that it’s thanks to me that my teacher set everyone an assignment of 12 figure head with different positions and different gender. I’ve done 5 male heads (with moustaches, for humour) and 2 female heads (botak, no hair) so I’m down with one more male head (a moustache and a booboo on the head, if can) and 4 more female head (botak, no hair also). So headache do heads… haish…~

One of the figure head drawn out of boredom on my friend’s colour testing sheet. Ok, I bluff, my friend drew this and I draw the facial features:

By the way, on Friday after I have handed in my assignment, my CA told me that the school was doing something like a 30 seconds animation for this donation organisation, and as the teachers were to busy (lol, I think so) they are offering students to help them to colour (the characters, backgrounds and blah blah blah) but this time they’re using Toon Boom to do the animation and stuffs so my teacher offered me and my friends to go and I sign up for it straight away! I haven’t had a chance to touch any softwares ever since school started (don’t mention Adobe Photoshop, please, I might just hang myself) but the short course is only for one day and we will be assigned to do the work. O me god, I just can’t wait for the short course! I am so excited to touch this Toon Boom software!

Anyway on Saturday, I was talking to Desy on MSN. Chey, someone in love dilemma sey! Whoops, can’t stop myself. Hehehee. And oh yea, there’s one part she asked me my opinion about further studying. She said she was making her mind up to choose the best schools. And I was telling her that at least before going to the best schools, go somewhere to learn the basics, at least you don’t look like a gong gong when you enter the best schools. Because this was what I am doing: going for basics in ITE, then off to poly to add more than just basics into my brains, and maybe University first (to make sure I got the hang of figure drawings, nude by the time) before I go Canada to study in Sheridan College. And after one of my lectures, Desy asked me this:

Desy: "What's the long form of ITE?"

Me: "Institute of Technical Education. Can also be called “It’s The End”. Why, are you checking up ite?"

Desy: "No. For my knowledge sake"

And for Kalyn’s request, here’s one of my old sketch:

I know got loads more but I have to dig out from my drawing “portfolio” that I brought for my ITE interview. And this picture effect not I make one ah. It’s already like that and I lazy to retake. I using j20i and I hell DON’T KNOW HOW to switch off the auto flash! But if you want a better view of the sketch, please go to this link:

Almost all my sketches are there. Feel free to take a tour of my works :D

Long update today! Take your time to read! =.= I miss my twin, but I don’t miss her teasings! Hehee!

Loves, and tc,


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

morning update

hey hey everyone!

As promised i would upload the latest colour testing:

this is abit dark, i know, because i used my new temporary phone to take this picture. I can't scan cos the file is too big and blogger doesn't support too-big files. so this is one of my nicest colour testing. Ms Sem helped me alot in this poster with all the colouring and stuffs, she even taught me how to add shadows to the building and the bushes. Well, asking too much help might earn me a B, i think, but hey, at least i learn which is the most important thing of all. knowledge is more important of all, rather than the results of our work :)

well, i will upload the final layout hopefully before Friday. don't be surprise if you see changes to the female cat because i'm trying to strive for abit of perfection in my work *winks*

i hope i won't fall sick. i already start to have abit of fever and flu. my throat is sore. hahaa. take care friends, weather is making us all sick letting the clinics earn plenty of money :P kekekee



Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Hi hi everyone!

i am sooo tired today! I've just finish my ADP class and my teacher and my classmates rendered a great help to me when doing the poster. There's a better version of my poster but as i've just reached home, i couldn't find the time to scan so i will upload it tomorrow (as my class start at 12pm, i've got so much free time in the morning.)

i saw seri when i was going for my ADP class! woohooo! she was waiting outside her classroom, she was going to have character design class. she was wearing a RED bag and Nike shoes (just as i described it to my friend and my drawing teacher. hehehe) and i saw Mr Huey was there too. hehehe. i don't know if he has found out about the "twin" sister i had in his character design class. gonna ask him tomorrow. :DDDD *evil smile*

anyway, just now when i was doing colour testing with Wendy, i told her about what Liza and i encountered during the class bbq. i told her about this uncle who went cycling around ECP in white underwear. she thought i was lying at first, thinking i might have seen the uncle in swimming trunks, not underwear. But when Liza and i said it was and we weren't mistaken, she couldn't believe it and started laughing. Then i drew this to show her how the uncle look like:

Wendy says it looks like a baby cycling. (NOTE: i DID NOT draw the chest, it was my friend who did!) out of boredom, she drew this on my colour testing sheet instead:

hehehe. anyway, the whole class were so busy with the assignment, but i have a feeling that i am the only person who had been following my teacher's "milestone" thingy. :D heheheee. Liza done her colour testing already, and i am on the last colour testing before i get my teacher to approve it. :) and this is Wendy's work:

the title is "The Missing Shadow". this is only one of her colour testing. it's not that nice, but I've seen one of it which was really nice. i hope her mix-media will turn out well! :)

i will try to upload the latest colour testing of the Cat Tour before i go to school tomorrow! i know SOMEONE is dying to see it! teeheeheee~

gotta go now, buddies! :)


Friday, July 9, 2010

new movie poster

yay! one week of school is over, seven more left before another holiday. boo, why must there be a holiday? i love school so much! :D

anyway, i had a new ADP assignment, and I've come out with the sample design. Actually, it's been approved by my teacher so i only left colour testing. But i haven't start on the colour testing cos i've just come home, and my stomach's full of double cheese burger *heeeeeeeheeee*

sample design:

if my teacher approved one of my coloured design, i will upload it! so wait for good news!

love, and tc,


Monday, July 5, 2010

school started today. tiring but i'm happy. don't ask me why, it feels like a crush, but not gonna admit it. :)

my shaded cowboy composition :D i swear my friend's drawing and shading ten times better than mine. *scowls*

heheheee. hope desy arrives safely in Indonesia today! misses her LOADS!



Thursday, July 1, 2010

yo hi hi

yo hi hi everyones~!

today is the first of July. i just can't wait for 9 of July *smirks* SOMEONE getting older if you know what i mean :D

anyway, today i am just gonna upload my drawings... to be precise, one drawing and one photoshop work. i just downloaded cs5 yesterday, and trust me i suck at photoshop. the last time i tried photoshop was when i was in sec 2, and because me and my friend suck at it, my trainer stop training photoshop and train us Maya instead. anyway, what am i talking about? i should be uploading the drawings instead. :D

uhhh, blogger's upload image site is temporarily down. blooooody hell!

so sorry guys, i'll try upload it the next time! :D promise!