Wednesday, September 15, 2010

yay, me turn 18!

did i hear it's someone's birthday today? LOLS!

hmmm, to tell you the truth, this is one of the best birthdays i ever had, minus my 16th and 12th birthday! no, i don't get bashed or poked, which something i truly miss when I was in secondary school, but it is truly a blessing to have come to ITE because there were nothing else i could ask for other than meeting a group of friends who could make my day xD

In actual, my malay classmates came my house over for hari raya visit, and when they arrived, they did something i could NEVER ever forget. they sang the birthday sing outside my house, and i was fumbling with the key to unlock the gate and going into a fit of giggles which i could not stop and was trying to tell them to keep the volume down as i didn't want my neighbours to hear it. but the song grew louder and louder, and in the end, i was just there laughing along with them. when i invited them in, one by one shook my hand and said, "Happy Birthday and Selamat Hari Raya." 13 of my classmates came and each time i pour them drinks, they just keep repeating, "happy birthday." my classmates were really funny people, and I'm happy that they had come over for hari raya and celebrated my birthday xD LOVE YALL LOADS~ this is seriously one of my best brithdays! :DDD

anyway, i also would like to thank all my friends and some strangers who wished me happy birthday:

-Wendy (gave me Marie the cat pink mug with glitters on it :3)
-Azirah (gave me a necklace for my birthday yesterday and wished me at 7.16 am today)
-Seri Maiziaree (tot she forgotten mine! was about to cry when she smsed)
-Kalyn (gave me a call xD)
-Angelina (the secondary school one xD)
-MyQueenstown Blogspot (dunno who this person is though, just wished me happy birthday in fb)
-Kang Jun
-Desy (sneezed at me in fb)
-Fitri (promised to not to annoy me for today)
-Eng Hock
-En Ru
-Shikin (the one that i know since pri sch)
-Cai Rong
-Chek Yuan
-Chong Weng
-Huang Jie
-Nur Afiqah
-Nur Syaheeda
-Huzail (gave me a call)
-Wong Cilik (send me message thru fb, he's from indo )
-Miss Sem (send me message thru fb, i didn't guess that she'll wished her students birthdays too! heee)
-my youngest sis (gave me my favourite Twister chocolate)

i would also like to thank my CSS juniors who sang me the birthday song when i was at AMK hub on the 14th of September buying present for a friend of mine. I'm so sorry, i thought it was Amirul who sang but it turns out to be you lot who sang. Well, did it rain after that? hahaha! xD thanks, guys!

and thanks to mum and dad who brought me into this world! I promised to be a good daughter from now onwards, i owe you lots! thanks for the cake, btw! xD

and lastly, thanks to everyone who tried making my birthday a special one! Loves! i appreciate it lots!

much many more most loves from,
celebrating 18 years on planet Earth xD

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