Thursday, October 14, 2010

hi again!

Sorry it took me a few days for me to update my blog, I’ve been super busy this few days. It’s only the first week of the second term and I’m already rushingon about my assignments. Now we got an extra module whish is Character Design, it’s like one class per week so I’m rushing the assignment now, I’ve chosen to do snakes for my character. I’ve done research on real live snakes and sketching them. Trust me, I got loads to learn when sketching realistic things.

Storyboarding module is ok, because the teacher who took my class is my previous drawing teacher. He’s OK la, to be honest, since he had been teaching me drawing for the past six month, and since now we’re doing storyboarding, it’s less likely he’ll preach me about Newton’s law of motion and his ability to draw sexy girls (LOLS). But to be honest, Storyboarding didn’t seem to be as fun as I thought. Perhaps it’s only the third class and we are still drawing out the four panels from various movies and short film. It’s abit dry. But I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we’re doing some fun work sooner or later. I quite enjoy his classes when he taught drawing, but I have a feeling it was his first time taking a storyboarding class and that’s why it seem everything seem to be a little unprepared.

DMI, wise, or AKA Digital Media Integration, was different from what I thought it was. I thought it’ll be abit of drawing and digitally painting it in Photoshop or other new softwares, but I was wrong. It’s more in photography and editing them. We’re doing photo montage now. I’m feeling quite stress because my ideas didn’t seem to work out. I’m still working on it, and I have a trouble finding a topless guy for my work. ZZZ. My classmate refused to take off his shirt for my work, so this makes my work a little harder than it was.

since, life is not so hell for me now, i'm still working on my portfolio. i drew this cat and my teacher say it has my personality. WTH. where got? and now my friends are saying it DOES have my personality, after my teacher said it.

the black one is my original drawing, the one that my teacher say it HAS my personality. The blue one is edited version by my teacher. LOLS, it doesn't have my personality and it doesn't look like me at all! bwaahahahaa! but he has asked me to work on it again... so if i got some free time, i will have to redraw it again. pfffts.

i have another drawing to show off here... hehee. i took a long time to draw this precisely because of the fingers and the legs. and i ahd a hard time drawing the guy's face too. but still, with the help of Wendy, i manage to draw a nice piece :)

ok la, gotta go now! will update soon about my life again! until then... :)


back pain again :'(

Saturday, October 9, 2010

more photos up!

hi hi again!

last tuesday, i went out with my old schoolmates and we had some photo taken. i found 2 more photos and decided to post it in my blog xD

we took this at Bugis. i can't really remember the name of the place, all i remember is i went gaga when i saw the shops selling bags as cheap as $10. too bad i didn't buy it cos i'm saving up money to buy myself a tablet for my school use (actually more to my personal use). hehee


Friday, October 8, 2010



thought i would like to share this to my followers :)

Simon's Cat is a simple 2D animation (or rather, Traditional Animation) which i really enjoy watching ever since i accidentally landed on his Youtube channel. now, my target is to do a traditional animation short film like his, so simple, short and sweet with a touch of humour for my next year's final year film!

enjoys! xD


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hi hi

it's been a long time eh, since i post something in my blog? now, it's already october! hehehee!

before i update about my life as an animator (lols), i have a good news to share to everyone. a few weeks ago i had design exam, and the results just came out yesterday. for this semester, i passed! woohooots! i got both A for Design and Drawing, although we didn't really have Drawing exam! hehehee! my current GPA is 4.0. was quite shock myself when i saw the results of my exams. i thought i did rather badly for Drawing since figure drawing is my only weakness. i have a funny feeling that my layout had pulled all my marks! xD heheee!

btw, when i had my portfolio assesment, i was asked to make changes to my 2nd layout. my Drawing teacher told me i got the highest in class for this assignment. bwaahahahaa, this means i literally beat Wendy for the first time ever. i mean, well, although she drew so many sexy figures which made the teacher said, "holy sharks!" when he first saw it, but he still considered mine for "a touch of humour", "one third rule applied" and "good perspective". =3 teeheee* this is the layout:

took this from my teacher's fb profile. Mind you, he tagged me, so i'm still the original artist or author, or whatever he calls it. hehehee. this is what he wrote on the caption: "Drawing by Azianah, FA1001P, excellent composition, with a touch of humour! The personality of the horse is brought out by the way it runs. And if you are observant, you can see a footprint on the horse. The background is also very well handled, perspective is good and one third rule is applied, congratulations on the masterpiece!"


anyway, on 5th oct, i met up with my old schoolmates. we had alot of fun, i can't remember since when we had so much fun when we were in secondary school. xD I haven't had time to upload some of the photos taken at Bugis. only Desy has, and i took from her fb. :)

this was the last hang out i had for this holiday cos i'm already back to practising my drawing xD heheheeee! i'm also trying to gather some ideas for my next year's FYF (Final Year Film) which is like next year. hehehe. so far, Wendy and me had been brainstorming some original ideas for the film and Liza, although seem the quietest among us, gave some of her whacky ideas. Although we haven't settle on the idea, but we're just creating more and more stupid and funny stories so that we don't have to think a lot when next year comes. teeheeheee*

i've got to go now. xD i'm eating my fish crackers. it's so hard to type while eating. hehehe



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