Tuesday, August 24, 2010

heloooos again

Yo people

Yes, it me, the crazy Azianah, and i'm back! :3


anyways sorry for the late update. I've been busy in my last week of school and now it's the YOG holidays. i only got like 2 weeks of holidays and to be honest (i feel like venting my anger) my two weeks of holiday really kena burn! I still have not finish my AAH Project (Action Against Hunger). I can't tell you much about this project because this project is kind of like a "Top Secret" and the school doesn't brief much about it when me and the other students from A and B class volunteered. All we knew is this project is from Canada (dun ask me. how the hell i know) and this project is for the World Food Day (something like that. Can't remember :P), and this animation clip will be shown on that day in Canada about the less-fortunate people in the less-fortunate country fighting against hunger. Well, its something like that la. I volunteered because most of us were brief that it's only about colouring the models and nothing else, but i realise before colouring, we have to clean frame by frame. In animation one frame is one movement. and the scene i got is 3/4 rear view of a man with 20 frames. All of the frames are dirty, meaning it's got black spots and the line is not properly drawn (bla bla bla) and it makes me wonder how the hell the teachers inked the drawing before scanning it into the computer. Anyway i'm coming back to school tomorrow because i still have a few frames of a woman uncleaned yet... and i still have not coloured. Blahs, never mind la. I volunteered for the project and i just have to considered it as doing a good deed. no complaints *cheeky grin*

anyway, on Monday i will be excused for class! YAY! *dance like a monkey* because it's a part of the AAH project. there will be visitors coming to the school and we have to pretend we are doing the project. LOLS! i also not sure if we are suppose to pretend because before the school reopen the teachers wanna check the coloured and cleaned frames. confirm mine got plenty of problems. @_@

btw, i got Maya personal learning edition, thanks to seri :3 i'm rebuilding my skills before the second year. teeheehee~

alright, i have to go now. sorry, i can't post any nice drawnings because there had been none.i'm so busy and i still haven't studied for my exam. zzz, hope i don't fail when school reopen :3

missing my friends and juniors


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