Thursday, September 16, 2010

hi hi

hi everyones~

ok, before i start blogging, let me thank these 3 people, JJ, Aisha and Rosanne for the birthday wishes xD thanks guys! appreciate it loaddddds! xD

oh yes, before i forget, today's Amirul's birthday. I can't sing birthday song for him today cos i'm going out later and i don't want orchard to rain or flood later on. heee :3 Anyway, A BIG MASSIVE BIRTHDAY HUG FOR AMIRUL~! teeheeheee!

anyway, back to my today's entry, i've got 2 photos to share today. my mum bought me a birthday cake yesterday. Chocolate flavoured as usual :3 here's my cake:

and as i'm on my holidays, i'm trying hard to build my skills in Photoshop first. Design class is over for this semester but i still want to be able to remember all the shortcut keys and try out the things i've never gotten to touch on when i wasn doing my Roach Ranger project. anyway this time, i'm doing my very own movie poster but i haven't confirmed with my final layout because this time i got plenty of characters to work on. Wendy's been a great help in this mini project of mine. She has helped me changed some perspectives of my characters and it's much better now. the photo might not be clear, but just click on the image to see the full picture!

so that's all for today! I'm going out with my classmates later today. xD have to get ready now. byeees! and big massive thanks to the people who wished me happy birthday yesterday! :DDDD

364 days left to 19 years on planet Earth. LOLS

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