Friday, September 25, 2009



it has been years since my family had totally lost contact with my aunt and my cousin. Every hari raya, i would always wonder where they are and how they were doing. in fact i really miss them so much. so often when i talked about them with my mum, i would always say they owe me many years worth of hari raya money. but those were all jokes seriously. the last i heard about my cousin had decided to divorce my cousin-in-law and my aunt disappeared suddenly. There had been no news about any of them these few years and all i do is pray for the day i would get to see them again. i miss my aunt's cooking especially her epok-epok and other yummy snacks and i miss my cousin because i was realy close to him when i was younger. he was my play mate and taught me how to play skateboards. i miss my cousin-in-law and my nieces and nephews and i swear i never hear about any of them after the divorce rumour. But God is kind today, and he answered all my family's prayers. After all the long years, i finally heard from them and seriously i am the first person. today when my cousin-in-law added me as a friend in fb, i was shocked, suprised, dumbfounded, excited, and many other mixed feelings inside me. Morning when i was talking to my mum, our conversation quickly turn out to be about my aunt and my cousin. I realised it was a really long time since i've heard and seen them. I truly missed them. I really would like to tell them that i was doing all well and now in completion of my O level. It was really their wish to see me doing very well in my studies. After the chatting with my mum I used SmsYo to update my status in fb and this was what i've updated: "i hope to see my long time no see aunt, my cousin and cousin-in-law and my nephews and nieces this hari raya. i really miss them so much! :(" when i got home, i logged into my fb again and saw that someone had added me in fb and when i went to check it out, i realised this person is married and i went to see the photos section at once. at first i saw a man's photo and i was unable to recognise him but he does look familliar. i wasn't sure who because i had uncles and cousins that look like this man in the photo. So as i went to browse for more photos, i realised there was this woman who looked like my cousin-in-law after all! many things went through my head. it was as though dramatic. I recalled the name and slowly how she had looked like and then i remembered my cousin and how he had looked like when we was younger. He looked much more older and mature in this photo and it was no wonder i couldn't recognise him! So, unable or should i just say i was incapable to contain the excitment in me, i rushed out from my room and squealed excitedly in my mum's ear despite my tuition teacher was at the scene. i was realy squealling to my mum that i'm finally in contact with them once again! and i told her i saw thier photos together and said probably it was really real that my cousin had gotten back to his wife! And we saw a few photos of my nieces and nephews and realised that they had gotten another kid :DDD! Saw there was a photo that they had bought new toys and my mum said probably my cousin had turn over a new leaf! :))))) OMG i am sooooooooooo happy! :D

hoping to see them this hari raya! :)
can't wait to see my new neice/nephew (cus i dun really quite know!)

Thank God :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Art coursework down, exams left to go!

YAYs! art coursework done!!! :) now i'm just left with exams. BTW, i am not attending school tomorrow cus i really need to catch up on history. i'm super dunb at cold war and Russia's fall of communism! i need to work on that! :)

Well bubbyes! :D


Monday, September 21, 2009

Disastrous Hari Raya

Don't ask me what had happened yesterday because i am going to tell you

On my way to my gandparent's place, we got lost all because we took the wrong bus, 147 and end up in Serangoon. Then i suggested to take MRT because we are heading to Ang Mo Kio but my dad insisted on taking the Bus. So we got to the Bus Interchange and my dad asked if there was any us that is heading back to Ang Mo Kio and the Bus Captain says there isn't any. So my family head back to the Serangoon MRT station and got into a bit of quarrel with each other. My dad wanted to take the taxi instead but i said the seats are not enough for five of us. He dismissed the idea and wanted to take the bus 147 and get back where we start from. My mum was furious. She was annoyed and tired and she was the only one who fight back with my dad to take MRT instead. So in the end we took the Circle Line and dropped off at Bishan and then we took the North-South Station and got back to Ang Mo Kio....

This year's family photo (edited by me):

Family Photo 09 (above)

Sisters photo 09 (above)

me and Aziela (above)

Aziela (above)

Azirah (above)

me (above)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Two more days to go for Hari Raya!

Waaaaa~ so tired! the last week of fasting month is really a busy week! Art have to complete it by today so i am rushing everything out now. I left two multing boards and a few reasearh left to paste. I am so so so tired! i hope i can coplete it by 1.30 this afternoon. my dad is ow making ketupats. a few hours later my mum gonna mop the floor and change the curtains! So i have to clean and packed my stuffs so that this can be done faster. :)

Ah, now my blog allows to put photos. i mention about editing photo a few weeks ago. i am sorry that it came late all due to the art deadline. hahaa! sorry! but here are the pictures:

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

such a BIG BIRTHDAY treat >:(

wth! i fall sick on my birthday :( a great way to spend my sweet seventeenth at home covered myself with blankets.
anyways to all my friends, including Seri's mum, who just wished me happy birthday, thanks so much! it made me feel better :D and i am really touched that my aunt remembers my birthday too! so far non of my relatives ever wished me happy birthday or they never even bothered to remember my birhtday! hahahaaaa no nurt feelings here. :)
and to Seri who wished me happy birthday at 12 midnight last night, thanks so much for reminding me i'm growing old. hehehe!


Monday, September 7, 2009

Funny Pics

I took a few photos with my sis two days ago but i haven't had time to edit it. i have finished editing one photo so far. and i really loved it. I have three four other photos to edit but i haven't got time. I'll post it on the blog whenever i'm free. Today's my free day. -.-""" I couln't go to school to finish my art. I have cough+flu+sore throat= @_____@ I do hope i am okay enough to go school. CUS I REALLY NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL TO FINISH UP MY ART COURSEWORK!!!! i'm left to paint a huge stingray, a couple of fishes, a chemical bottle and smoke. OMG @___@ how am i supposed to finish all that by 15 september (shhhh... wtf! why must it be on my birthday?) hehe sorry used to it :D

Okay, i'm coughing again right now. I better go now. Have to help my sister play her Pet Society. ;)

Missing June and my juniors
and Maya software (i'm abit cracked to miss Maya when O is so near!)

Bubbyeeees~! ♥♥♥♥♥

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ramadan Bazaar

Geylang Ramadan Bazaar was so crowded with customers yesterday and I am sure today is just as crowded as yesterday’s. I went there with my family of course – though without the presence of Seri and her boyfriend. They went with my family last year. But at least this year, without Seri, we didn’t shop much. My second sister almost fainted in the MRT so that’s why we didn’t shop much. We bought stickers for my youngest cousin. She lost her mum last year and her dad was the only one supporting the family. But to me, my uncle wasn’t a good dad. Either way, I hated him for being selfish because he had never took good care of his two daughters and he was always enjoying himself with the girls as old as his eldest daughter.
So back to my yesterday’s story, we broke fast near the seats of the Paya Lebar’s MRT station. When I was chewing my burger, I suddenly felt something small, flat, creature-like thingy ran past my feet (FYI, I was wearing slippers) I looked down and caught a sight of a lizard running past my mum’s seat. And I was like…. O…. M…..G….. I knew at once: it was that stupid bloody disgusting lizard that ran pas my feet. I was like…….. EWWWWWWWW… GROSSSSSS~! Gross gross gross! I alerted my mum and my second sis. My mum, she was afraid of lizards, and she leapt out from her seat when she saw the lizard was under her seat. That disgusting lizard ran past back under my seat to a stranger’s seat beside me and my mum was keeping an eye on that lizard. She told me it was crawling on the stranger’s seat to the back of her thigh and near her hips. Ewww gross!

Friday, September 4, 2009