Saturday, July 24, 2010


hi hi hi! :DDD

so sorry, i haven't been able to update my blog! hehehee! these few days my class has been concentrating on Photoshop. and i feel i'm getting a little bit better although i'm still the Photoshop-noob there. hehehe. anyway the school is selling Adobe Photoshop at $119! it's at student price and i am sooooo going to buy it! ITE students always gets the best and the cheapest things at the best quality! :DDD

anyway i had just finish one of my assignment. it's for my drawing class. we are starting on Flip-book animation and we are starting the basics. here's my bouncing ball plan:

i had to take a few tries to get the proportion of the ball and the bounce all correct, it's so hard. i never knew drawing a simple flip-book with 22 balls is so hard. but anyways, i learnt something! wee woo waaa~ i want to try bouncing bottle next. heheee!

anyway i have another new ADP assignment and i have to do another movie poster, this time must be more original. i have an idea in mind. i'm doing something like "The Incredibles" but slightly different. i'm going to draw aliens. :D hehee. i found out that my forte is drawing funny-looking aliens and monsters. hahaaas. but i haven't got the whole idea of my poster yet. i am still developing the characters, maybe the aliens would be saving the human world from evil doughnuts? hehee! lol!

and a few days ago, i had to pose for figure drawing for my drawing class. my friend drew me. hahas. anime version of Azianah:

gotta go now. update more soon! tc!

Big loves,


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