Friday, April 29, 2011

hey hey!

finally~! *stretches and hops around*

half of my 1960s car is almost done! still got loads to tweak on! :)

spend like 6 or 7 hours in class today just to model HALF of the car. used polygons instead of nurbs (i can't work with nurbs anyway, there's just too complicated for me). I redid this model 4 times before i get to this stage. tiring but all worth it because I learn the importance of saving my work regularly :P and oh, got to tell you this: Maya crashed twice because I didn't delete history so it's also VERY important to delete your history.


azianah maskus

Thursday, April 28, 2011

finally updated!


finally i've got some time to update my blog! been so busy with my classes. man, i really miss being a first year! although drawing class seem to be dull and stressful sometime, i find 3d class is ten times worse. @_@ but nevermind, i'm still working hard for my 3D modelling classes. i just can't wait to get into the texture and rigging part. i'm dying to get into that part!

so anyway, yesterday my co-class advisor says that we have to have 4 or more sketchbook for graduation! i'm only on the first few pages for my 3th sketchbook. i really got loads to catch up, eh? my brain juice is running low, so i decided to flip my VERY first sketchbook and decided to re-draw something from there. i found out that i had actually improved alot since i first step into the campus. LOOK:

no, they're not life-drawings. just some old poses in my FIRST sketchbook. i used to hate to draw legs. i never like drawing legs because i find they're as difficult as drawing hand and fingers. but i remember when i was about four months in the course, my lecturer told me to learn to draw something you never like to draw, and he meant the missing legs in my sketchbook. so there! i finally really learn how to draw legs. so much for complaining about drawing classes. my drawing improved alot eh? ;D

anyway, I'm modelling a vintage car for my 3D class. still barely half-way through the car. I will update on a screenshot of my car model when it's done. i have to attend a make-up class for tomorrow, because i missed one today. tsk. i seriously going haunt my lecturer with questions on birail. xD


azianah maskus

Friday, April 22, 2011

hullo! :D

Just wanna wish a happy Good friday to everyone! :D

azianah maskus

Thursday, April 21, 2011


hello guys!

sorry, i've been away for a few days. i've been so busy doing my 3D modelling assignment. but here's a screenshot of it.

and my teacher wouldn't let anyone touch on anything too advance (including me), so he wouldn't teach me how to create a nice fire texture even though i have done much advance modelling. i think he's afraid i might be better than him xD

here's a screenshot of my fire burning on the candle:

hahs. gotta go now! :D

i stumbled on this link while surfing the net. I'm a lousy comic writer but I really enjoy reading other people's comics. You should check out his web comics! they're truly awesome! :) HERE'S THE LINK:

will update more 3D models soon! and my Sunny Tales layout! :)

azianah maskus

Monday, April 18, 2011


I was doing some research on Rapunzel on youtube when i stumbled upon these few amazing flash animation in youtube. It's all animation done by Explosm Entertainment. They also have comics done by themselves :)

be sure to drop by their site:
and subscribe their youtube page:

and this is also one of my favourites. A magic that goes horribly wrong (and funny) :P

and SuperJerk saves the day! :D

happy watching! :D

azianah maskus

Saturday, April 16, 2011

another try :D

Good afternoon! :D

.....and ta-dahhhhh!

i had another try at the candle last night. changed the design of the candle holder base. rendered with maya software at high quality. :/ gotta stop messing with this candle and start working with the other 4 objects for my assignment. hehe.

anyway, i drew this on paper last night. decided to try doing my line art in Flash. seems like there's so much to tweak on the line when it's done in flash. mental note to myself, do the line art in Photoshop next time xD

still working on the colouring this piece in photoshop :)

have a good weekend!

azianah maskus

Friday, April 15, 2011

Candle modelling


i spent my whole morning and afternoon modelling my candle and its holder for my assignment. hehee. i'm still working on the glass and wood texture. tsk. :P

modelled in maya 2011, rendered with maya software

i still hate the wood texture. ToT

till again,
azianah maskus

Thursday, April 14, 2011

3D modelling class

hey hey!

i had the first 3D modelling class last Monday. we were given tutorials based on "the art of maya". i finally managed to finish modelling my first 3D temple (it doesn't look like temple, more like gazebo to me). we also modelled out 3D wine glass and sculpting faces using NURBS. i don't have screenshot of that since i had forgotten to bring back the original files back home, so i'm just going to show you the 3D temple:

we had our first assignment given today too. we have to model out 5 still-life objects. i'm still less than halfway through my candle. hehehe. will upload my 3D face sculpting and wine glass, hopefully by tomorrow afternoon! hees!

azianah maskus

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011



got a great news to tell you!

I and 4 other students(including Liza and Wendy) from my class were asked to go Tampines ITE this afternoon. There was an award ceremony for the top 10% students in the course. and guess what? i was one of them! I actually got into the top 10 % for my course! I didn't really expected it! :D

hehees. I'm so happy. I never once thought i would ever make it to the top 10%. :D

azianah maskus

Monday, April 11, 2011


hey hey!

school resume back today. very tiring. nothing much happen. just basic class introduction for us. :P

anyway, i drew this last night in flash. i don't know why i drew this, sorta just came out from my brain juice. hahs.

He's supposed to be... um... a nice... but.. um ... evil professor? lol. i think i watched too much powerpuff girls when i was in Hong Kong. :P hah.

have a great day ahead. mine sucks. hehe


p.s. my cousin starts her first day in ITE today. hope she has a great day! :D

Friday, April 8, 2011

hi hi!

hihi! :DDD

school is reopening in 3 days time! i can't wait for class to resume! can't wait to learn 3D animation and Advance 2D animation! i haven't touch on Maya for a long time! hehehe!

anyway,while i was in HKDI, we went for Visual Drawing class. The module they are doing is so much different from the kind we had in Singapore. It's more into art, and expressing your thoughts and feelings in art. however for us, animation, we were taught drawing techniques, to draw what we see rather than draw what we feel. so it was really different from what i was taught and it was really a good experience because i have never done visual drawings. anyway, i didn't really understand much when the Hong Kong lecturers taught us visual drawing although they showed us samples, maybe it's because it's my first class. The theme was to express yourself and the way i express things about myself is more like doing character design. This is what i draw:

i miss Hong Kong and the super cooling weather there. x)

azianah maskus

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

hey hey!


It's been quite awhile since I've updated my blog. been quite sick ever since i return back from Hong Kong. teehee. but i'm feeling quite better today.

anyway, i have already started blogging on my HK trip. I've also come up with the banner for the page. i compiled some of all the photos i took from Hong Kong and made it into a banner:

anyway, the page is still halfway done. I'm done with 2 out of the 12 days of updates. I'm kinda tired now, but I will try to continue updating it everyday. Simply click on the "ITE HK TRIP" on the page tab, to click on this link to get to the page:

so, gotta go now. RC is giving out free salt! can't miss it!

toddles! :)

azianah maskus

Saturday, April 2, 2011

yes, i'm back!

officially back from Hong Kong! :D

but am having slight fever and flu due to the super cold weather there. :(

i lived there for only 12 days and i swear that my body has got use to the super cooling weather that now I'm sweating profusely in Singapore although the weather is not so hot today. but anyway, it was a great experience living in Hong Kong for more than a week. The people there are nice and i just love the place so much! (no, i didn't buy the 'I love HK' shirt though)

anyway, I'm going to post all the times i had in Hong Kong in another tab in this blog cos it's a part of the trip's assignment. :) so i'll update the page with photos and stuffs. stay tuned! :)


p.s. just saw my October 2010 results. i got 4.0 for my GPA and Distinction for Digital Media Integration module! :D