Monday, July 19, 2010

lolalilulu LOLS

hi hi again

and trust me, i am HIGH today, so bear with me and my nonsense :D

alright, today is my sketchbook presentation day, and i am seriously telling you that this presentation is one of my most memorable presentation ever, because one thing, I have achieved my goal which is, my drawings/animation is for entertainment purposes, and this time, I have a feeling, though not entirely sure of that, I'm getting a better grade for my holiday assignment!!!! woo wee waaa!!! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD

and what happen during my presentation:

1. the moment i come with my sketchbook and show my holiday assignment on the projector thingy, the whole class started laughing, including Mr Huey, my drawing teacher. this was what was on the first page of my sketchbook (the holiday assignment one):

my first thought was, what, why are yall laughing? and i was like, "eh, don't laugh laaaa~" and Mr Huey stopped laughing and said, "No, we're not laughing because it's not nice, but it's REALLY FUNNY!" and I look at the projector screen there and wonder what was seriously funny about my character poses.

and this is the other 7 character poses:

my teacher likes the accusing pose, because there is line of action :) yayness me.

and another page of character pose:

and my teacher gave me alot of praises for the hand gestures, because i used boxes for the hands. he said most professionals used boxes to draw hands instead of the countour because this is to know where the side plan and front plane and blah blah blah.

I only upload one page of my hand gestures because it's not that worth to look at all. pictures are not nice, but I rather you look into my sketchbook itself. nicer there :P

and after that i showed my normal sketchbook, the ones that i normally sketch my nonsensical stuffs on and each page I turn to show them felt like days and hours, because the class were laughing at all my weird sketches.

Mr Huey says it looks like me. "it has Azianah's essence," he says. and the class agreed. I was like wth?!?!?! look like me? WHERE GOT??????????????

i draw Wendy's future boyfriend. Lols. she says she will murder this guy before she dies. :P

and this is one of my figure drawings i did last night. yes, it's nude, hey but so what? i imagine, not look at naked woman and draw. heheheee :DDD but the feet is weird because i draw this when i was half sleepy.


high on the sky,

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