Monday, August 3, 2009


Well, i didn't come school today. I feel abit sickly this morning so i decided to skip school today. Anyway there's someone i thought i saw yesterday so i couldn't sleep last night because i was thinking about what i saw. Hahaha. Not going to tell you what it is. nanny nanny nehh nehh!

By the way, this morning, the pipe in my kitchen washroom burst! Because i didn't come school today so fortunately, i am the first to get the news. Hahaha. But thank goodness i was still asleep when the pipe burst. My dad actually had no choice as the pipe couldn't be removed (as it's rusty) so he cut off the pipe using a saw. So now, there's a hole in my pipe. I took a quick shower as the thought of the hole in the pipe makes me feel sick. I managed to sneak my phone to the toilet to take a photo of it:

Anyway i got to go now. Hahaha. Happy looking at the disfigured pipe. :P

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