Saturday, August 22, 2009

It’s so boring today. I usually spend my boring time eating or sleeping but I couldn’t really do all those things today. Today’s (haish….) the first day of fasting month. My dad gave us a cal this morning to discuss what to have for dinner tonight. He said we should have noodles and he agreed to my suggestion that we should buy drinks from sweet talk for dinner.

I and my sisters had tried our brand new hari raya clothes. (: my youngest sister’s new shoes had too much glitter and it kept sticking onto my hands. I went to wash my hands and my eyes fell onto the jug of water and bottles of Soda drinks under the kitchen table. I was like O.M.G.

:( tongue pain. nothing to do. boo.

loves (: and luck for prelim/ca papers to everyone

miss june esp

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