Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lunch Munchies

There’s nothing much today unless I count the fact Desy and I were now on a “run”. Can’t mention what’s happening here but much people have come to know about it. They share same sentiments as me and Desy but with different judgement. But nevertheless, I feel much better after the counselling on Friday. The counsellor is a woman and she’s really awesome. Since what had happen last few months before, I was afraid of counselling and never set my foot into that room again. I was afraid it was a wrong decision but tension was building up “everywhere”. However, on Friday, the counselling session made me feel so much better that I did not regret coming for the session in the first place.

Anyway, Social studies lesson bored me to tears. OV still went on and on about the source based skills that I almost fall asleep. Halfway through the lesson I was doodling on my foolscap paper. But I was distracted when OV woke up two of my classmates that fell asleep. One of them, probably weren’t happy that she was awake rudely, and mumbled ‘boring’. Unfortunately OV heard it and retorted, “If this lesson is really boring, I will give you permission to go out of the class where it is more lively there.” Half of the class laughed. Well, I think it really surprise them that OV after all have a bit of sense of humour. But the great thing is OV ends the lesson earlier than usual, about fifteen minutes earlier before bell ring.
Then Desy and I met again at foyer, and we went to Cavana for lunch. On our way there, an Indonesian maid tapped my shoulder and asked for my help. My first impression was that maid was lost and wants help to find her way back. But she wasn’t lost. She just wanted us to help her find they way to Singapore post where she can send letters back to her family. So we accompanied the maid to Singapore post. She talked to me in Indonesia but I didn’t quite understand it (well, as a matter of fact, I did understand but when one speaks it fast and long, I wouldn’t have a clue of what they said). It was thankful that Desy was there and I think she really enjoyed speaking to that Indonesian maid. The maid said she had just moved her and she was staying in Tiong Baharu previously. She also told us that she was only 19 (Desy heard it 22, so the age is still unknown) and she had to work because her family didn’t earn enough to support her school fees and stuff. My heart really goes out to her. When we had reached to Singapore post, she said she was extremely grateful that we were willing to accompany her here and wanted to treat us ice-cream. Desy and I refused politely. It’s hard enough for her to go on a foreign land to work and I know in Singapore is hard to earn money. I can’t let her spend her money just to repay us. I believe good deeds will be reciprocated. It may not be her who’ll help us in future but some just as kind as her.
So, tomorrow is our mother tongue O level result. Well, just hopefully I passed. C grade is also ok so I don’t mind. However, I really hoped for a B grade. But if I did fail… uh… just have to look forward to mother tongue B syllabus on October.


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