Monday, August 10, 2009

A day in ECP

Did I mention that I had a haircut yesterday? *…waiting for a reply…* ….. So, it’s a no, I guess! Hehee. Well as a matter of fact, I did have a haircut yesterday. But if you really had been to FB, you should have known it. Truth is the weather is so bloody hot that no amount of water can satisfy my thirst and I can swear that I am sweating more than anyone else each day, um, like now perhaps? I’m sitting right under the fan but I am still sweating

Right, so I was with my family at ECP yesterday, the whole afternoon. I didn’t enjoy much though. I had my laptop with me so I played Pets Society and then Restaurant City. The moment I started on Magic Pen in Miniclip, it was time to go. Boo. My sister had a video posted in FB and i might put afew photos there later.

And... Tomorrow there's school. I don't know if THERE is any holiday homework. hehe.

Hope Kalyn is ok, Desy too

Big Loves everyone! :)

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