Friday, July 31, 2009

Something Smells Fishy~!

Today’s Social Studies class wasn’t as bad as I thought. Since OV was going to show us a documentary video on Britain’s, France’s and America’s Health Care Policy, I though it would be boring as usual like we are going through the SEQ. Other classes watched great movies like House of Saddam and stuffs and we are watching a lousy documentary on Health Care Policies, which is like so totally unfair! But then the documentary ended up being so interesting that I clean forgotten that I had chucked my Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire book is right under my table. Did you know France’s Health Care system is so amazing? They actually have to pay NOTHING for seeing a doctor! They pay absolutely NOTHING for chemotherapy sessions, for giving birth or even for minor sickness like vomiting, flu and fever! And they get paid sick leaves too! Imagine you got three months of MC and still get paid by your boss? Of course, it wasn’t entirely your boss paid your salary: 65% were from the government and 35% from your employer and they made sure you still get 100% paid. And, imagine you get a maid coming to your house to do your housework and take care of your children every twice a week for FREE? It’s totally amazing! But that’s only the positive side though.

Anyway, so much for that, shall I proceed on complaining about school again? There’s a funny, horrible stench in school today. Nobody knew what cause that smell or where it came from but it is definitely a fishy smell. Too fishy to smell like rubbish, or a dead human body, or even fart. Yes, it’s definitely fishy! Some said it came from the koi pond in school but I personally felt the strong stench was coming more from the Sembawang River at that back of our school. But the boys in my class thought it would be a funny joke if it came from the girl’s washroom.

Well, so much for that stench-y smell, I am glad that I am at home, breathing the freshest air! Hahaha.

Loves & regards to everybody!

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