Saturday, May 28, 2011

final render for car!

hi guys!

i finally managed to render out my car last night. i render out 2 views, the full view and the close up view. before i start blabbering about the car, i will show you the rendered images first:

The full view:

The close-up view:

i spend 2 days to add shaders to the cars. I used Blinn material to get the car body texture. the hardest shader to get was the chrome. i spend hours re-redering just the chrome because my teacher says it was not shiny enough. He didn't tell me how to make it shiny, so i have to figure it out myself. :) but in the end, he told me to adjust the colour value to a low value (around 0.2) and play around with the ramp node.

anyway, i render this out using mental ray Final Gather. The image would look better in Targa, but since blogger don't support Targa, so i used Jpeg.

i still left one more shading/render assignment to go. Remember the still life assignment i did? if you can't, then take a look at my previous blog post: I'm still adding proper texture to it. :D gonna spend my weekends texturing things! hehe


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