Saturday, May 14, 2011



and yes, I'm back!

I'm so sorry for not updating my blog the last few days. I was so busy with 3D classes and my Lifeskills project. i really wanted to update my blog last night, but blogger was down for maintenance so i couldn't update it.

so anyway, i have finally finished my car model. i spent the whole of this week tweaking and adding more details to the car. honestly, I'm pretty sick looking at the same old car for every lesson so i stop adding details on Thursday evening. For Friday's class, I just had to rename and group my objects and seeing that i really had nothing to do for the lesson(except helping others to tweak on their car models), my teacher gave me the green light and so I was the first to hand up my work. so here's the screenshot of my model:

Porsche 1965's car model.

i will be adding proper colour materials to my car and my still life models from the previous assignment next week. I can't wait to learn texturing next week! :D

anyway, my group Wendy and Friends will drop by SunBeam's Place for a visit on Monday. Do say hi if you see us! :)


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