Saturday, May 7, 2011

recent sketches

hello! I'm back!

and i promise a not-so-short update of my life today!

As you know, I've been busy with my 3D classes the last few days, and i haven't been able to write alot of things. I'm also desperately trying to clear up my third sketchbook by this June, hopefully, so that I'll have enough time to concentrate on my fourth sketchbook and some drawings for my 20 pieces of A3 paper for portfolio. yeah, I'm graduating this year and there's a lot of things to clear up. i was thinking of redoing my Flash portfolio but i haven't had any idea on what should i start on. my brain juice is running low for this week. And as for my group's FYP film, we are still trying to gather ideas for the ending. truth to be told, i can't think of much ideas. hehehe

but anyway, i have some new sketches done during in-between my free time in class and at home. i don't draw much now to 3D modelling up to my neck but i still try to fit the time to draw because we need to graduate with 4 sketchbooks next April. so, here they are. I've picked some nice ones to publish here.

These are some re-design of not-approved character designs from my assignments.

These horses here are my babies. They have my crazy personality :D

my squid character design. it's the latest design i had in my sketchbook. i did this because i was feeling stress and lousy.

oh yes, it's the polling day today. can't wait to see the results. will we have a new government today?? ;D
whatever it its, i hope everyone will choose wisely because in a few years time, I'll be pretty much involve in the outside world :)

that reminds me. i should ask my mum who she's voting today. :PP



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