Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I'm quite shock that we're already in the month of May. it feels like time is passing by very fast.

so i haven't been updating alot on my group's FYP short film. but don't worry! i won't forgot about it today. :D so here's the update:

so, my group, Wendy and Friends stayed back in school for a couple of hours today to work on our final year project storyboard. we cut down plenty of thumbnails in the storyboard, to make the story as straight-forward as possible. And we even took our Sexy Cat from the story as it didn't play a very big role in the story. We've also removed the bra idea for the almost ending part, but YET, we are still stuck with the same problem: we couldn't decide on the final ending for the story. so yeah, that was basically the update for Rapunzel short film. We'll be having another meeting next monday to decide on the ending again. hopefully, by that time, we have decided on the idea. :)

anyway, don't forget to see the updates in the "Meowpunzel" tab. Character design of the Prince Cat is out. :D

character turnaround by Liza (

btw, i'm redoing my car model again. It says script error when i opened the file last monday. I wanted to %)^*#@. so freaking pissed with it.



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