Thursday, April 21, 2011


hello guys!

sorry, i've been away for a few days. i've been so busy doing my 3D modelling assignment. but here's a screenshot of it.

and my teacher wouldn't let anyone touch on anything too advance (including me), so he wouldn't teach me how to create a nice fire texture even though i have done much advance modelling. i think he's afraid i might be better than him xD

here's a screenshot of my fire burning on the candle:

hahs. gotta go now! :D

i stumbled on this link while surfing the net. I'm a lousy comic writer but I really enjoy reading other people's comics. You should check out his web comics! they're truly awesome! :) HERE'S THE LINK:

will update more 3D models soon! and my Sunny Tales layout! :)

azianah maskus

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