Thursday, July 1, 2010

yo hi hi

yo hi hi everyones~!

today is the first of July. i just can't wait for 9 of July *smirks* SOMEONE getting older if you know what i mean :D

anyway, today i am just gonna upload my drawings... to be precise, one drawing and one photoshop work. i just downloaded cs5 yesterday, and trust me i suck at photoshop. the last time i tried photoshop was when i was in sec 2, and because me and my friend suck at it, my trainer stop training photoshop and train us Maya instead. anyway, what am i talking about? i should be uploading the drawings instead. :D

uhhh, blogger's upload image site is temporarily down. blooooody hell!

so sorry guys, i'll try upload it the next time! :D promise!


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