Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Hi hi everyone!

i am sooo tired today! I've just finish my ADP class and my teacher and my classmates rendered a great help to me when doing the poster. There's a better version of my poster but as i've just reached home, i couldn't find the time to scan so i will upload it tomorrow (as my class start at 12pm, i've got so much free time in the morning.)

i saw seri when i was going for my ADP class! woohooo! she was waiting outside her classroom, she was going to have character design class. she was wearing a RED bag and Nike shoes (just as i described it to my friend and my drawing teacher. hehehe) and i saw Mr Huey was there too. hehehe. i don't know if he has found out about the "twin" sister i had in his character design class. gonna ask him tomorrow. :DDDD *evil smile*

anyway, just now when i was doing colour testing with Wendy, i told her about what Liza and i encountered during the class bbq. i told her about this uncle who went cycling around ECP in white underwear. she thought i was lying at first, thinking i might have seen the uncle in swimming trunks, not underwear. But when Liza and i said it was and we weren't mistaken, she couldn't believe it and started laughing. Then i drew this to show her how the uncle look like:

Wendy says it looks like a baby cycling. (NOTE: i DID NOT draw the chest, it was my friend who did!) out of boredom, she drew this on my colour testing sheet instead:

hehehe. anyway, the whole class were so busy with the assignment, but i have a feeling that i am the only person who had been following my teacher's "milestone" thingy. :D heheheee. Liza done her colour testing already, and i am on the last colour testing before i get my teacher to approve it. :) and this is Wendy's work:

the title is "The Missing Shadow". this is only one of her colour testing. it's not that nice, but I've seen one of it which was really nice. i hope her mix-media will turn out well! :)

i will try to upload the latest colour testing of the Cat Tour before i go to school tomorrow! i know SOMEONE is dying to see it! teeheeheee~

gotta go now, buddies! :)


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