Wednesday, July 14, 2010

morning update

hey hey everyone!

As promised i would upload the latest colour testing:

this is abit dark, i know, because i used my new temporary phone to take this picture. I can't scan cos the file is too big and blogger doesn't support too-big files. so this is one of my nicest colour testing. Ms Sem helped me alot in this poster with all the colouring and stuffs, she even taught me how to add shadows to the building and the bushes. Well, asking too much help might earn me a B, i think, but hey, at least i learn which is the most important thing of all. knowledge is more important of all, rather than the results of our work :)

well, i will upload the final layout hopefully before Friday. don't be surprise if you see changes to the female cat because i'm trying to strive for abit of perfection in my work *winks*

i hope i won't fall sick. i already start to have abit of fever and flu. my throat is sore. hahaa. take care friends, weather is making us all sick letting the clinics earn plenty of money :P kekekee



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