Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ohhhhhhhhhhh So Boring!

Today’s maths class is really boring. I almost fell asleep. Guess today everybody is recovering from their fever. More than half a class came to school today. That’s something! At least it’s nosier in class now! Those who had just cam back from mc still have minor cough and flu. I am still having flu though. My teacher had just told us to practice more social distancing. Haven’t been able to hang out with my friends or my juniors aren’t enough of social distancing? Aww, seriously, I miss everything! I miss my friends, my juniors and the yummy chicken burger in school…. It’s like I’m better of not being in school! All I do is get stuck in my ‘quarantined’ sec-H5N2 classroom. Not to mention we have recess in classroom, we are even not even allowed to share classrooms with other history/art/geography/FNN/D&T students! And teachers will actually have to escort us down to the foyer 10 minutes earlier before school ends and see us out from the school! Oh boy, our dear 5N2 class are the VIPs of Canberra sec, seriously.

Note: 84 days left to O Level Maths paper.

Big Loves to my friends, juniors! Take Care!

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