Thursday, July 30, 2009

!Social Studies Disaster!

There was nothing much in school as usual. We just got out from that quarantine thingy and now we’re being piled up with so much school work. It’s obvious that teacher is using this quarantine thing as an excuse. I can swear that the papers in my file are piling up, because yesterday, I took out my large stack of paper in my file and slid them into my bag but my bag became unusually heavy after that. In the end, I hastily retrieved the stack and put them back into my file. I rather liked it much holding a thick and heavy file than carrying such a heavy bag to school.

Well, I didn’t study at all for social studies mock paper. Bet you anything that I will 100000000% likely to do badly for this paper. OMG, prelims are like so near and here I am complaining. The time is ticking so slowly that it feels like someone had bewitched the clock so that it goes SLOWLY….

So like I said, there’s nothing much in school today not unless you count another class just got quarantined! Well, I’m not exactly sure why I am feeling a pinch of pressure in my brain even though I have given up on O levels?? But I guess I’m abit too tired these few days. Odd things been happening and I’m not sure of it either. Hahahaaa. Well, time to sign out! :D

To my juniors, Love yall. Tc please and do well in your storyboarding! I’m looking forward to see you win an award next year!

Desy, please take care of yourself!

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