Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Helloooooo World~!

I used to do blogging when I was in sec 2 but because the break up between my ex and me and my cca project keep me away from blogging. It has been three years since I did blogging but I am not sure whether I will still write great stuffs inside because O levels are already keeping me busy! But I am not busy right now! *winks* that’s because I’m on two days MC. I’m still having sore throat right now. Hehee... I’m feeling abit sleepy now due to medicine. BOO. Now my class have the highest risk of getting swine flu. Half of my classmates are not in school which means = Two of my classmates have been suspected of H1n1 and about 7 down with fever and the rest are just minor sickness. If there anyone in class confirmed having H1n1 then there’s no school for my class ONLY. Hahahaaa *nanny nanny poo poo to the rest.

Sorry, I need a good rest now. Tomorrow’s my last mother tongue O level exam which is Listening Compre. :) everyone, please take care.

Big Loves!

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