Saturday, April 2, 2011

yes, i'm back!

officially back from Hong Kong! :D

but am having slight fever and flu due to the super cold weather there. :(

i lived there for only 12 days and i swear that my body has got use to the super cooling weather that now I'm sweating profusely in Singapore although the weather is not so hot today. but anyway, it was a great experience living in Hong Kong for more than a week. The people there are nice and i just love the place so much! (no, i didn't buy the 'I love HK' shirt though)

anyway, I'm going to post all the times i had in Hong Kong in another tab in this blog cos it's a part of the trip's assignment. :) so i'll update the page with photos and stuffs. stay tuned! :)


p.s. just saw my October 2010 results. i got 4.0 for my GPA and Distinction for Digital Media Integration module! :D

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