Friday, April 8, 2011

hi hi!

hihi! :DDD

school is reopening in 3 days time! i can't wait for class to resume! can't wait to learn 3D animation and Advance 2D animation! i haven't touch on Maya for a long time! hehehe!

anyway,while i was in HKDI, we went for Visual Drawing class. The module they are doing is so much different from the kind we had in Singapore. It's more into art, and expressing your thoughts and feelings in art. however for us, animation, we were taught drawing techniques, to draw what we see rather than draw what we feel. so it was really different from what i was taught and it was really a good experience because i have never done visual drawings. anyway, i didn't really understand much when the Hong Kong lecturers taught us visual drawing although they showed us samples, maybe it's because it's my first class. The theme was to express yourself and the way i express things about myself is more like doing character design. This is what i draw:

i miss Hong Kong and the super cooling weather there. x)

azianah maskus

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