Thursday, April 28, 2011

finally updated!


finally i've got some time to update my blog! been so busy with my classes. man, i really miss being a first year! although drawing class seem to be dull and stressful sometime, i find 3d class is ten times worse. @_@ but nevermind, i'm still working hard for my 3D modelling classes. i just can't wait to get into the texture and rigging part. i'm dying to get into that part!

so anyway, yesterday my co-class advisor says that we have to have 4 or more sketchbook for graduation! i'm only on the first few pages for my 3th sketchbook. i really got loads to catch up, eh? my brain juice is running low, so i decided to flip my VERY first sketchbook and decided to re-draw something from there. i found out that i had actually improved alot since i first step into the campus. LOOK:

no, they're not life-drawings. just some old poses in my FIRST sketchbook. i used to hate to draw legs. i never like drawing legs because i find they're as difficult as drawing hand and fingers. but i remember when i was about four months in the course, my lecturer told me to learn to draw something you never like to draw, and he meant the missing legs in my sketchbook. so there! i finally really learn how to draw legs. so much for complaining about drawing classes. my drawing improved alot eh? ;D

anyway, I'm modelling a vintage car for my 3D class. still barely half-way through the car. I will update on a screenshot of my car model when it's done. i have to attend a make-up class for tomorrow, because i missed one today. tsk. i seriously going haunt my lecturer with questions on birail. xD


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