Tuesday, March 1, 2011

noooo! not needles! T_T

hi hi!

like finally, i'm done with my walk cycle! it took me about two whole weeks to complete it. I did it in flash cs5, and animate in twos frame by frame.

it was tough animating it in frame by frame, but i think i got the hang of it. i think i still kinda like being an animator. i do like drawing, but i can't draw extremely well. i still like doing animation. it's like it has connections with me. i can imagine things better when animating something rather than drawing something out. :)

anyway, i'll be having exams on the 7th march, pray that i'll pass, because i've just told my drawing teacher i'll get 100% for the exam. hehehe. and i have to go for flu vaccination on the 8th march. my schedule for march is abit packed because i'm going Hong Kong this 21st! :DD i can't wait. Hope mum can get me a new sweater i saw at Yishun! :) kekeke

going to get some rest, and maybe draw something in my sketchbook. xD i haven't drew anything in my sketchbook for a very long time! hehehe

good nights!

azianah maskus

p.s. i've updated my "animation' page! do check it out!

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