Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Witch's Daughter

ola there, good afternoon!

Finally it's weekends! And finally today, i'm able to draw something in my sketchbook. it's quite a while since i drew something really nice. i call it "The Witch's Daughter". LOL.

I dunno where i got the inspiration to draw this. I ate very little for breakfast this morning. Mum fried nuggets and I made myself a cup of instant mocha and I was staring at this empty biscuit tin on the table and suddenly felt like drawing one of the princesses on the tin. so in the end, i came up with this. I'm not so sure what to draw for the background so I came up with moon and clouds. initially I drew a castle, but the princess's hand blocked the view of the castle, so in the end I gave up the castle and drew a big moon there so that the background won't look empty. I've also added some animals on the scene because i didn't want the scene to look cold and empty. I wanted the scene to look friendly, you know, like those in fairy tales. Since the focal point is on the princess and the butterfly (which is the witch's daughter), I made the animals look at her. hehehe.

so, anyway, I'm not sure if I'll let this remain as linework, because I am really kinda lazy to colour anything. Maybe I'll do it someday because right now I'm concentrating on drawing on my sketchbook because I was told by my lecturer that we need to have at least 3 sketchbooks by the time we graduate, and by the way, I'll be graduating next year, so that explains why I'm concentrating more on my sketchbook. hehehe.

And I'm leaving for Hong Kong in 15 days time. Time goes by very fast eh? And I still dread going for the vaccination this coming Tuesday. T_T i am so terrified with needles!

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